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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Right time to cast away casteism

Wednesday February 20th, 2008
With an aim to search for solutions to various problems confronting the Sikhs, the organization held a conference at Hoshiarpur to have a deeper look at the question of the present state of the caste system prevalent in Sikh society. The occasion was 631st birth anniversary of Bhagat Ravidas ji.

H S Dhami, a senior leader of the party while addressing the gathering said there was no doubt that our Gurus eradicated this evil, not only from the tenets of the religion but also in practice during their times. He said this was followed for many a century but gradually, however, the caste system, hitherto dominated by the Brahmins struck the Sikhs in a different garb.

Former Minister Manjit Singh Calcutta said while earlier it was the Brahmin-dominated system, with passage of time; it became dominated by the feudal class which further degenerated into caste discrimination. He called upon the Sikhs to shun caste system as it was in total contrast to the teachings of Sikh Gurus.

Satnam Singh, party president said we have to create an atmosphere where all should be considered equal and there would be no exploitation on the basis of caste. KAC convenor and spokesperson Bhai Mohkam Singh and Kanwarpal Singh respectively urged the Sikh leadership to take effective measures to remove all misgivings in the minds of all deprived and underprivileged sections of the society.

Speakers at today's well attended conference castigated the Sikh political leaders for perpetuating the caste system in both the religious and political domain.

Karnail Singh Panjoli, an executive member of the SGPC said it was sad that even the SGPC elections are held on caste lines which are a total contravention of the tenets of Sikhism. "It is ironic as to how did the Sikh leaders accept this then and it is further tragic that since the last 75 years SGPC, which confabulates with the government, time and again, did not make any attempts to correct the wrong.", he rued.

Dr G S Dhillon said that the so-called Dalits and other communities would get due respect and honour within the Sikh fold and that they should consolidate their position within the parameters of Sikhism and not goes for other deras and pseudo-cults.

Monday, 25 February 2008

SAD(Mann), Dal Khalsa took condemn BJP remarks on Sant Bhindrawale

CHANDIGARH: Shiromani Akali(Mann) and Dal Khalsa International on Sunday striongly condemned BJP leader Balbir Punj for issuing statement in Amritsar on Saturday inw hich he has demanded to remove portait of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala from Sikh Museum in Golden Temple. The Dal Khalsa slammed BJP leadership for unnecessarily raking up the issue of portray of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale's then and now.

Taking a dig at Balbir Punj, an MP and in charge of the Punjab BJPunit for asking the SGPC to remove the portray of Sant Bhindrawale, Kanwar Pal Singh a party general secretary pointed out that it was none of their business. In a frontal attack against the BJP leadership, Dal Khalsa dubbed Narendar Modi a poster boy of the BJP as a terrorist and enemy of the mankind, who was responsible for butchering of thousands of Muslims in Gujrat in 2002. "Instead of questioning the credentials of Sikh heroes and martyrs, the BJP should first clean its own house".

He said Punj's remarks tantamount to hurting Sikh sentiments as Sant Bhindrawale symbolizes the pride of the community. He alleged that the BJP was having a field day in Punjab because of ineffectiveness and weaknesses of the SAD. As they say majority communalism breeds minority fundamentalism, he said pointing fingers towards those who were on the forefront in flaring up the issue".

Installation of Sant Bhindrawale's portrait in Sikh Museum was purely a Sikh affair and added that parties like BJP and Congress should stop airing irresponsible views that makes things worst.

Justifying Sant Bhindrawale's acts he said he raised the banner of revolt because our identity itself including beliefs, way of life, language and culture was under attack. He urged SAD leadership to press upon the BJP leaders to ensure that they should stop poking their nose in the matters that were sensitive and close to Sikh hearts.

SAD(Mann) general secretary Bhai Ram Singh has warned BJP against interefering in Sikh affairs and said that a befitting reply would be given to Punj. He said that Sant Bhindrawala was national hero of Sikhs and BJP has no right to comment on it. He said that BJP was trying todefame Sikh community. He also sought clarification from Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and his party SAD on BJP statement. He blamed Badal for pushing Sikhs towards confrontation with center for his political motives.

Dal Khalsa greets people of Kosvo

CHANDIGRH: The Dal Khalsa on Thursday greeted the people of Kosvo for their hard earned independence.

In a statement issued here, the party leaders HS Dhami and Kanwarpal Singh said the birth of a new nation was always a moment of joy and hope for struggling ethnic peoples.

It is pertinent to mention that for two decades, 2 million Kosovars lived in a limbo punctuated by events in 1999, when the international community took over temporary administration of the region following the NATO action against then Serbian forces.

Two days before, Kosovo's parliament has approved a coalition government led by Hashim Thaci, a former guerrilla leader who is pushing for independence from Serbia.

"We congratulate Kosovo's in terms that echo the desire of the Sikh community to be able to chart its destiny as per the will of the people". The present development provides hopes to the Sikhs that even in the 21st century cartography and geography can be changed, they observed.

They said despite a multitude of barriers, the people of Kosovo remained steadfast to their ideal and peacefully pursued for independence, without being threatened or scared away. "It was this spirit from which our community has a lot to learn, said both.

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