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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dal Khalsa Congratulates Babbu Mann On His UK Tour & Will Continue To Support Him Babbu Mann Zindabad!!!!

Virendra Sharma Anti Sikh Anti Khalistan MP who hurt Sikh Sentiments in this years UK General Election was booed off stage by the audience at the Babbu Mann Concert at Wembley Arena London.Virendra was called on stage by the event promoters to say a few words but could not speak as his voice was drowned out by boo's and support for his rival Gurcharan Singh Conservative who stood against Sharma in the elections.

Small Clip before the crowd boo'ed him off

The booing was so bad Kumar from Heera group said why are you booing is it due to Sharma being Labour ,the crowd responded YES!and shouted Gurcharan Singh Zindabad!!.After trying to get a few words in Virendra left the stage.

Babbu Mann in the concert mentioned justice for 1984,Advani and his terrorism of the destroying the Babri Masjid,ShivSena for threats to minorities,Gandhi and his betrayal and that Fake freedom fighter Anti Sikh Lala Lajpat Rai who he said did nothing for the Freedom of South Asia and died of a Heart Attack,as we all know Lala was an Anti Sikh Figure.

Babbu Mann also sang Pavan Guru Pani Pita from Singh Is Better Than King and various gave various other quotes from Gurbani at appropriate time to educate the audience on issues regarding the Sikh Nation/Panth and Panjab.

All In All A Brilliant Concert Which Educated As Well As Entertained
People - Babbu Mann Zindabad!!!!!!!!!
Singh Is Better Than King!!

Dal Khalsa UK along with other organisations will continue to support Babbu Mann all the way,as he is the only true ICON of Panjab who shines World Over on the issues of Panjab and the Sikh Nation!

Babbu Mann Zindabad

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