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Monday, 23 February 2009

Bhagat Ravidas His Life & Teachings! Do we Follow His Gur-Bani?

we are engulfed in modern ego’s systems and Politicians propaganda systems and trying to misrepresent what Ravidas preached. Am not satisfied with many modern systems. If it was not preserved in Sri Guru Granth Sahib text I bet it would have been lost changed or manipulated many times by now. Call him Guru or Bhagat or Saint or whatever honorable word, but does he care? What he preached? his teaching are the value.

Have you ever paid attention, He had no ego and never called or represented him self as master or Guru even for his spiritual teachings. He him self followed a ego less honest true path of devotion and bhagti.

Bhagat Ravidas who is considered The Bhagat and or Satguru by many and his teaching are followed by a number of others and Sikhs.Ravidas, a Harijan by birth, taught equality spirituality based on setting free from the oppression of the hindu caste system then. He was born in an oppressed community, who were considered “untouchable” by upper class hindu’s. Hindus brahmins would take a shower even if they see or touch a Chamar by mistake. If a Chamar enters in there home they will purify the home by water and mantra. Food or bowls if touched by a Chamar was trashed. They were treated even worse in deeper history as to deafen them if they hear any educational lesson reserved for high caste hindus.

Ravidas was denied any acceptance by high caste hindu Indian majority. Ravidas attracted the lowest class of society according to the caste system.

As result of Bhagat Ravidass Ji being a low caste (Chamar) he faced unbearable casteism and unfair prejudice and therefore he was not permitted to follow any faith or worship God as it was normal practice in hinduism for long time and still exists to discriminate lower castes, however his powers & divinity with God couldn’t stop him from doing anything. He proved to all discriminates, that NOTHING could stop a man from acquiring the devotion & presence of God within himself.

Ravidas philosophy or Bhagti path was inline as promoted by other Sikh Saints & Guru’sthat Deny brahmin system & philosophy. Ravidas was Met, Accepted, Honored and Given the most honor Only by Sikh guru’s in Sikh Faith Admitting & by preserving his spiritual teaching is in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, That still today are read and listened by millions worldwide daily. Some People argue Guru or Bhagat, I would say It makes not much difference. If you are Spiritual and listening to Sri Guru Granth Sahib then he is in there I bow down and salute to him, to Guru Granth Sahib. If you are reading researching or writing the history or studying hierarchy in Sikhism then Guru word for Ravidas might conflict. Other then that its all propaganda and uneducated ego’s . Like I said Above ” Have you ever paid attention, He had no ego and never called or represented him self as master or Guru even for his spiritual teachings. He him self followd a ego less honest ture path of devotion and bhagti. ” Ravidass was not Hindu and like Guru Nanak he denied hindu system, caste system, idol worshiping etc. and not have any religion but GOD, yes ONE GOD. yes IK ONKAR. So he had no demand or objection getting his philophesy into Sri Guru Granth Sahib. But some people or followers have more ego & demands to set him seprate then ravidas him self (he had none) Please read Ravidas shabad bani understand the meaning then tell what’s argue on or if there should be any argueat all?

Now Gurudwara or Temple is almost Same as paragraph above. Even though Amritsar is also called Golden Temple or Har-Mandir but word just “temple” brings to mind like a temple of one of 16000 idol gods in hinduism with many idols there to worship, Which is Strictly against Ravidas Teaching & philosophy and Sikhism. So if there is Guru Granth Sahib its more appropriate to call it Gurudwara but temple may be Ok too as long as you follow the teaching and discipline described in HOLY text Sri Gru Granth Sahib, Let there be ONE GOD yes ONE GOD. yes Baba Nanak’s IK ONKAR, Let there be no Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, ahankar. Be it Gurudwara or temple if there are any idols or things against or does not follow the Guru then you are missing some thing and not following Ravidas teachings or Sri Guru Granth.

Guru (Guru Granth Sahib is that include all the saints Bhagats and gurus teachings and is Guru ) yes ONE GOD ie ONE GURU yours and mine same. What would you call it! It is true that Guru Ravidass was a Chamar and what he done for low caste people is unforgettable. Poor people faced unimaginable levels of oppression in those days and unfortunately so called ‘low caste’ people still feel it today. But current political parties try to manipulate peoples minds and histories to any extant, for hisorical facts to daily routines.

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