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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Gupsy Aujla Feat Dev Dhillon Sher Soorma Out Soon

**Gupsy Aujla's New Single Sher Soorma Ft Dev Dhillon Out Soon Dedicated To The Sikh Soldiers Of World War 1 & 2.Dal Khalsa UK & UK Sikhs Are Proud TO BE BRITISH SIKHS More Info Here http://simplybhangra.com/albums/upcoming-releases/3729-gupsy-aujla-ft-dev-dhillon-s...her-soorma-out-soon**

Gupsy Aujla ft. Dev Dhillon - Sher Soorma (Out Soon)

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Gupsy Aujla is proud to present his brand new single ‘Sher Soorma’, a project dedicated to the forgotten legacy of the Sikh Regiment. The single features the awe inspiring vocals of Dev Dhillon, and will be out via iTunes soon.
November 11th marks Remembrance Day each year to pay tribute to the sacrifices of each fallen soldier who fought bravely during the two World Wars. It was during these wars when thousands of young Sikh men enlisted into the British Army, carrying on a proud tradition of bravery and valour.

Working alongside the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail (ASHT), the ‘Sher Soorma’ project has been carefully planned for the past six months in order to ensure that the project pays perfect tribute to the Sikh Regiment.

The powerful song has been sung by Dev Dhillon, who appears courtesy of Aman Hayer. Dev Dhillon has painstakingly written the song to ensure that ‘Sher Soorma’ represents perfectly the Sikh Regiment and its inspiring role in our history.

The song will be supported by a high quality video directed by Guvy Heer, which will aim to try and re-educate those who are currently un-aware of our proud, yet under-represented history. To support the release a special T-Shirt is being released which will be supported by some of the most respected names in the Bhangra industry.

10% of all income raised, including; iTunes sales, T-Shirt sales, PPL & PRS will go to the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail, who do an invaluable job in promoting Sikh history.

Gupsy Aujla & Dev Dhillon – Sher Soorma will be releasing soon via iTunes

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Raj Kakra's Talwar

**Raj Kakra's Emotional New Track On The 1984 Sikh Genocide**

Monday, 6 December 2010

One Year Since Sikhs Were Shot Dead On The Streets Of Ludhiana Panjab By Hindutva Police & Ashutosh Cult**Its Been A Year Since Sikhs Were Shot On The

**Its Been A Year Since Sikhs Were Shot On The Streets Of Ludhiana Panjab By Hindutva Police Forces & The Ashutosh Anti Sikh Cult,Baba Darshan Singh Lohara Was Shot Dead & Became Shaheed Defending The Honour Of Sikhism**- WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS LIVE FOOTAGE OF SIKHS BEING SHOT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQXbNlpFWRg

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Drugs In Panjab BBC News Report

**Indian Govt Continues To Flood Panjab With Drugs & Alcohol 70% Of The Youth Are Hooked,To Finish A Nation You Must Finish Its Next Generation,This Is What Hindutva India Is Doing To The Sikhs,Yet They Claim Drugs Come From Pakistan,When India's Border Has An Electric Fence With The Army,BSF,CRPF,Police & Intelligence... All Watching - India Itself Pumps Drugs In**

There is growing concern in India about the rapid rise in drug addiction cases in Punjab, one of the country's wealthiest states.

The main university in the region has claimed that 70% of young Punjabi men are hooked on drugs or alcohol.

The problem is at its worst along the border with Pakistan where heroin originating from Afghanistan is smuggled into the country.

The BBC's Mark Dummett reports from Amritsar.

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