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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dal Khalsa UK Press Release On The New RSS Hindutva Terrorist Leader

Dal Khalsa UK Press Release

Rashtriya Swayemsevak Sangh - RSS appoints a new Leader

Mohanrao Bhagwat

As most readers may know the Hindutva terrorist group the RSS has appointed a new leader by the name of Mohanrao Bhagwat,he has taken the place of the previous leader K.S Sudharshan.Bhagwat spews the same Hindutvadi Nazi venom as Sudharshan once did.The appointment of this new leader has prompted Dal Khalsa UK to make this statement to the World.
Spiritual leader of Dal Khalsa & Vice President of Dal Khalsa International Manmohan Singh Khalsa would like to warn the World and Sikhs of the threat of Hindu Terrorism and declares that Mohanrao Bhagawat at this time is the head of the biggest state sponsored terrorist group,until the threat of Hindu Terrorism is not eradicated the Sikhs will not be able to live in peace and security.If there is any threat in the world it is that of Hindu Terrorism,Dal Khalsa would like to appeal to all to unite against this dangerous and Nazi inspired group for the safety fo the World.India being a nuclear power brings more risks than advantages to South Asia and indeed the Sikh nation who face annihilation in the case of war between India & Pakistan,the more power the Hindutva Terror outfits have the bigger the threat.

Dal Khalsa would like to appeal to the Sikh Nation to realise that the sole power and supporter of Dehdhari Pakhandi Gurus,Saads and false Sants is the RSS.With the destruction of the RSS the Congress,BJP,Shiv Sena,Bajrang Dal,Radhaswamis,Dera Choota Sauda,Namdharis,Narkhdharis and all other threats to the Sikh Nation will be eradicated.The RSS is the real Mother of all these groups the above groups are all sons of the same mother although they may have different names thier aim is the same to destroy Sikhism and to implement Hindutva - Hindi,Hindu,Hindustan,the brahmanvadi thought behind this reaches out to all political parties as well as cults.While the political parties divide Sikhs through votes,the cults break down the Sikh Community by sucking in all sections of the community to break it up piece by piece.

We would like to state to all our Sikh leaders of the Panth as well as Sri Akal Takht Sahib to realise that Mohanrao Bhagwat is the biggest enemy of the Sikhs at this time along with his terrorist outfit the RSS and Sangh Parivar which has smaller umbrella groups to futher the aims of the RSS.

The Sikhs need to openly declare War on the RSS internationally and oppose them politically through democratic and peaceful means.We should endevour to oppose the RSS and its activties and its agents wherever we find them.The 1st step would be in our own communities to raise awarness of this terror outfit and the threat it poses to the Sikh Panth from there the Sikhs should move on to make sure their Guru Ghars and not under the control of the RSS.If any RSS leader goes to another country such as the UK we should all unite to protest against his/her arrival and oppose them.The RSS needs to realise that the Sikhs outside the Panjab have a voice and we will use that voice to the fullest extent to expose the terrorist activies of the RSS and Hindu Terrorism.

As the 25th anniversary of the Sikh Genocide dawns upon the Panth, we appeal to the Sikh Nation to unite under the Kesri Nishan Sahib once again and awaken to the call to rise and defend the Panth,it is of great signifigance that we do so at this time.
There is no bigger threat to Sikhism then that of Brahmvaad and its present face today the Rashtriyra Swayamsevak Sangh and we appeal and ask all Sikhs to unite and work hard to destroy this threat to the Panth


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