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Friday, 4 February 2011

Corrupt politicians of India should learn lessons from developments in Egypt

Amritsar-Not withstanding that India is a democratic country, the Dal

Khalsa has warned the Indian politicians especially corrupt ones to

learn lessons from political upheaval in Cairo.

Terming the revolt in Egypt as significant and path breaking, the

organization has called upon the international community and the

Indian government to support people’s uprising aimed to dislodge the

corrupt and authoritarian regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Expressing its support for Egyptians' desire to rid themselves of

corrupt and autocratic regime of Mubarak, the spokesman of the party

Kanwar Pal Singh took a dig at government of India for hesitating in

supporting the people’s movement in Cairo. He hailed US President

Barack Obama for calling Mubarak that a transition to representative

government must begin now. "Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh should

also take firm stance on the issue", said he.

Back home, he blamed the political class of all shades for ruining the

economy of the (India) country to satisfy their personal greed’s. The entire

political system has been so badly corrupted that there are few takers

of “clean image of Dr Manmohan Singh”.

Drawing parallels with Mubarak, he alleged that Punjab's Chief

Minister Parkash Singh Badal too have amassed fortunes of billions for

his family since he grabbed power. “The entire family of Badal has

become symbol of excess and corruption in Punjab”, said he.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Song On Pakhandi Jathedars & Sell Out Sikh Leaders - Who Have Sided With Hindutva

**A Song Which Speaks Volumes Of Truth About How Our Leaders & Pakhandi Jathedars Of The Takhts Have Sold Out To Hindutva & Hindu Terrorists,In The Destruction Of The Sikh Nation**

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