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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Statement on Sexual Abuse Allegations In The Panth

Recently allegations of sexual abuse have arisen against a group known as Nirvair Khalsa Jatha or 'NKJ'.The allegations stem from an 18 year old who claims he was abused by the group's leader Harinder Singh,several audio recordings have also been released by the 18 year old victim to support his case.In response to this NKJ have made a video detailing their version of events on to youtube & to social media.

Statements from so called Panthic leaders/Jathe have been released in support of NKJ on several Sikh news websites & Facebook pages.One statement from the FSO on SikhSangharsh.com has named Dal Khalsa UK & S.Manmohan Singh Ji Khalsa as giving support & the all clear to NKJ.We make it clear that we have not given support or the all clear in any shape or form to NKJ or any other jatha in regards to these sexual abuse allegations,nor has anyone had permission to use our name or name us in thier own statements.We call for the full facts to come out in a transparent way in front of the whole sangat not backdoor meetings with sellout leaders who protect the intrests of their own groups.We have been told the Police are involved,if they are we hope they can provide the clarity the Sangat needs as the false leadership cannot do so.

It seems as if the entire so called 'Panthic Sikh' leadership including these self proclaimed leaders of the UK is complicit in covering up any sexual abuse allegations that occur & have occured,these leaders come from all groups be it the Sant Samaj/Taksal,AKJ,Missionaries etc & their proxy 3rd party 'youth groups' & fake political organisations .This is not the first nor the last time a cover up will occur due to these self proclaimed leaders & their followers,over the last few years allegations of improper activity amongst boys from all groups have come to light & have been covered up,be they at so called Sikhi camps or at Gurdwaras,private houses.

This sellout leadership,who are well known knows exactly what goes on,they even speak out agaisnt each other to cover up their own misdeeds in a proxy conflict but when the time is 'right' they all unite to brush all the issues under the carpet,making fools of the Sangat,labelling them as trouble makers.

It seems that the same will now occur with this issue it will all be brushed under the carpet by this sellout leadership & self proclaimed leaders who have done nothing but push people away from the Panth over the last 30 years.

The same goes for these so called youth groups or parchaaraks who rather than adhere to the maryada of Sri Akal Takht Sahib preach their own maryadas & fairy tales scaring the youth in to their cults,the youth perceive this as Sikhi & some go deeper in to the cult while others end up blaming the Panth & Sikhi for their own downfall as a result of being sucked in.Then we have the pakhand they preach for example keeping away from girls keeping away from boys you will go to narkh if you live a life outside the cult and the very same people then cry wolf that not enough people are coming to Sikhi & that they are converting.

If these pathetic leaders & groups can't even preach the Panthic maryada of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and implement Sikhi on themselves how will they preach it to the Sangat.We urge you all to keep away from these groups,camps as a whole for they preach nothing but pakhand disguised as Sikhi in the form of take a bit from there and bit from there then mix it up with their cult through stories & fear get in to peoples minds.Then we have the hidden world of sexual abuse which goes on behind the scenes and anyone who speaks up is silenced & active attempts are made to censor their voice online & even in the real world with threats,this happens in the UK as well as Panjab.

We make it clear,Dal Khalsa UK has not given support or the all clear to NKJ nor do we support any of these Sant Samaj/AKJ/Missionary affiliated groups/camps be they 'parchaarak' or political these people have damaged the Panth enough & have no shame in covering up another scandal then pointing the finger to the Sangat.For many years in our videos we have told the Sangat of the sexual abuse that the Sant Samaj does in Panjab ie :Dhumma etc with boys in deras the only way to stop this is to stop being sucked in and to follow the maryada of Sri Akal Takht Sahib as a sovereign Sikh.

The allegations of Tru-Skool & other music producers being involved in some sort of conspiracy is laughable to say the least,at least these music producers/singers live in the real world and don't try to make fools of the Sangat.

Once again we call for the full facts to come to the Sangat,we know this may not happen as it seems the dodgy 'leadership' have made up their mind to brush this away under the carpet,in future we ask the Sangat to beware of these groups before blindly following them,you don't need a middleman or middlemen to meet Waheguru - only Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Surinder Singh Journalist Interview

RESPECT to Surinder Singh ,fearless journalist.. Speaking up for Sikh Human Rights

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