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Saturday, 15 April 2017

So called Youth Preacher Rangila exposed in Gay Sex Scandal

A so called superstar youth preacher from India who has been coming to the UK for 'tours' has been exposed on facebook under a profile called Kashmir Singh. Gurnmit Raj Rangila was on a gay sex site posing for naked pictures and apparently live broadcasts in the search for gay sex.The fake news channels ie: Sikh Channel,Sangat,Akaal Channel etc for many years have propped up this fake preacher.Instead of exposing him for what he is a perverted individual looking for gay sex while on a 'kirtan tour' they got him on TV and presented him as a person who 'made a mistake'.Yet all these channels sow discord in the Panth for the common man and take money from them in the name of charity but when it comes to these so called 'Kirtan Superstars' they are given a platform  to 'resign' from Kirtan.Keep your kids away from these so called preachers young and old the vast majority of them have been either caught up in gay sex scandals or have been part of them and have been exposed such as last year with another 'superstar' jatha based in the UK linked to Dhadrianwala.

These are the type of people the failed sell out leadership promote on the stages of Gurdwaras across the world.These are the type of people the fake news channels named above promote prop up then show as saints when they get caught.Don't fund any of these 'Sikh' channels boycott them along with corrupt Gurdwara Committees who prop up such people in the name of the Panth.

You don't need no 'gay youth preachers' if you want to get closer to the Panth,save yourself from being a victim.If you want to get closer to the Guru get closer to the Guru Khalsa Panth to attain knowledge and wisdom.These gay preachers will turn up for 'tours' for their own gay sex meetings with one another and with random strangers on websites.You could tell from this guys face and the way he used to act with his 'Saudi Style ' black cloaks that  he was a perverted individual in to gay sex sites.This pathetic fake preacher has now said on the fake news Akaal Channel ( who need to examine if they are exposing people of justifying them ) he will not continue Kirtan,well we hope he gets on the first flight back to his beloved India where he came from as he is NOT welcome in the UK.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Happy Vaisakhi Khalsa Saajna Divas 2017

 Wishing the Sikh Nation and the World a Very Happy Vaisakhi - Khalsa Saajna Divas 2017.On this day the Sikh Nation's identity was finalised in the form of the Guru Khalsa Panth.Against all odds we have survived since 1699,today we stand at the crossroads without a nation of our own enslaved as a people under Hindutva rule our Panjab stands enslaved and destroyed in all spheres of life ,yet somehow the Panth still manages to thrive and survive in all corners of the World.The sovereignty upon which the foundations of the Guru Khalsa Panth were laid will guide us today to freedom once again - in the form of Khalistan - let that be written in stone! Today we also pray for world peace and Sarbat Da Bhalla where the world stands on the edge of World War 3 we ask all to support and promote peace and not be puppets of the World Elites or those Hindutva/ISIS Terrorists who want nothing more than to destroy this world and world peace,oppose them every way you can. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD | RAAJ KAREGA KHALSA
‪#‎iPledgeKhalistan‬ ‪#‎Vaisakhi‬ ‪#‎KhalsaSaajnaDivas‬
"Jab Lag Khalsa Rahe Niara, Tab Lag Tej Dioon Mein Sara
Jab Eh Gaye Bipran Ki Reet, Mein Na Karoon In Ki Parteet" As long as the Khalsa remains unique following Sikhi,I will give it everything,but if it follows the way of the Bhaman (Bipar - Birpran Ki Reet),I will not support it''- Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

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