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Friday, 19 December 2014

S.Manmohan Singh Khalsa exposes Hindutva RSS

S.Manmohan Singh Khalsa - Dal Khalsa Live On Akaal Channel Now..on a show exposing the Hindutva RSS activities against the Sikh Nation.

Hindutva Terrorist Insults Guru Nanak Sahib Ji

**HOW MUCH THEY HATE SIKHS **These are the
types people who almost every month burn Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Maharaj in various places across India..In this video you will witness
the sheer venom & hate for Sikhs,Sikhi, and above all our Guru
Sahiban's ...although we don't worship pictures you can clearly see the
sheer disrespect this Hindutva Terrorist is spewing to our Gurus..

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Long Live Kurdistan - Long Live Khalistan
Kurdistan Zindabad - Khalistan Zindabad

We salute the Kurdistani Freedom Movement,from which we as a the
Khalistani Sikh Movement can gain inspiration to take our fight for
freedom forward.The Kurdish Women have been at the forefront of fighting
for their nation this is something all peoples should be proud of that
women have taken the lead in the struggle for freedom & against
ISIS.We stand with our Kurdistani allies in the struggle for freedom
& justice! #iPledgeKhalistan #Khalistan #SikhGenocide1984 #NeverForget1984

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pakistan Taliban Attack School 141 Dead

We pray to Waheguru for the well being of those families of those innocent children who were murdered by clood blooded terrorists in Peshawar,may Waheguru give strength to all those affected by this horrific attack in Peshawar Pakistan.The Pakistan Govt needs to act NOW to wipe out these terrorists to stop them carrying out further attacks...The Sikh Nation stands in solidarity with all affected and pray for peace Nanak Naam Chardhi Kalla Tere Bhaneh Sarbat Da Bhallah.History is witness that only one General one Man crushed these evil tribal devils and his name was Shaheed Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa one of the greatest Sikh Generals who ever lived,his name struck fear in to the hearts of these evil people,and still does today he ruled the North West Frontier Provence and Peshawar with an iron fist the only General to do so,his rule gave law,order and peace to the region to a place which has always been a route for invaders to kill innocents.Our thoughts are today with the people of Peshawar...

Sunday, 14 December 2014


This is Sayeed Veysmordi, ethnic Iranian, who worked for the CIA in America but defected and has been involved in a heist of Sikh artifacts in South East Asia dating 300 years old, stolen from a Sikh historian which are in Arabic belonging to the Sikh Nation. He has stolen relics of the Tenth Guru,Guru Gobind Singh Ji along with other items of History which are in Persian Farsi and/ or Arabic dated late 16th and early 17th century writings. He is currently wanted both by authorities and a special sikh task force from Canada.

He has last been seen in Bangkok, Thailand and is said to be looking for the highest Caucasian bidders, underground from UK and USA. If you have seen him, kindly contact Bir Jung Singh Khalsa who is managing the task force based in Canada or a police station near you. He travels with another alleged CIA woman by the name of 'Elizabeth' and is also in regular contact with professors from Australia to see avenues of trade in the artifacts. Help save our history before it ends up in somebody's collection and lost forever.

A reward has also been placed on his successful arrest... https://www.facebook.com/birjung.khalsa

Many world agencies who work in the shadows and World Governments in the past have had an obsession with Sikh Artifacts,believeing by removing them or possesing them Sikhs will not be able to rule as sovereign rulers,30 years ago the Indian Govt burnt down and stole thousands of artifacts from the Sikh Ref Library & now we have this story which has surfaced....Our history is what will preserve our future...

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