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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Alex Jones Destroys Brahminism & Hindutva Fascist Who Attacks Sean Spice...

Captain Amarinder Singh Exposed - Rigged Elections

EXPOSE' Capt Amarinders security was upgraded out the blue by the Hindutva Indian State to that of CM on 9th Feb 2017 just over a month BEFORE the results were announced, not only this he hardly campaigned at all just sat at home and said 'we shall win'.The elections took place but a month LATER when the results were announced the results were changed and the EVM's were tampered with to empower the man and the party Hindutva Indian Intelligence had chosen.Akalis and Badal BJPwere used up and had to go AAP who actually won the election was considered to weak to govern by the deep state as Sikhs may have taken advantage, the next safest option was the Congress and Captain and there you have it , the AAP are silent and in hiding and the transfer of power from the Badals one part of the family to the Patiala Royals has happened.CLEAR ELECTION FRUAD yet the broom charu party and their supporters are silent. Even Mayawati and Lalu spoke out in regard to the UP landslide of the BJP being electoral fraud but not in Panjab no one speaks the open secret

Capt Amarinder in Chandigarh today 12th March 2017 at Congress HQ honouring the 3 Genocidal Killers of Sikhs Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi , CM Beanta.This comes a day after he was selected as CM by Indian intelligence through tampered voting machines

Panjab's New CM Captain Amrinder's grandson Nirvan 'Singh' recently married 'Princess' Mriganka 'Singh' grand daughter of the Kashmiri Dogra Royal Family.The same Royal family which destroyed Panjab & Ranjit Singh's Sovereign State by looting the treasury setting up Khalsa Forces for defeat while running off to Kashmir with the loot, while at the same time making an alliance with the Royal Patiala House of Capt Amrinder to attack the Khalsa Forces.Capt Amrinders family was given the royal title by none other than the tyrant Ahmed Shah Abdali and the Hindu Hill Kings which both the Dogras & Patialas are part of.Not only did the Patialas partner with the Mughals & Pahari Hindu Hill Kings to attack Sikhs that has been their sole aim ever since their inception.They were even good friends with Gen Dyer, Nehru, Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. Capt Amrinder personally invited Indira Gandhi to start the digging of the SYL canal to take Panjab's water today they say they're against it. While the Patialas were always an external force working against the Panth the Dogras were at the centre of Sikh Rule in Lahore and were responsible for the loss of tens of thousands of Khalsa Forces over the period of the Sikh Raaj, in the end they planned its doom and ran back to Kashmir - two families re-united once again the Patialas and Dogras - put in charge by Hindutva Indian Intelligence to rule your Panjab

Flyer from 1982 when Capt Amrinder personally invited the devil herself Indira Gandhi to lay the foundation stone of the SYL Canal ,it was only stopped by Sikh Freedom Fighters not by any party BUT this move set the precedent for stealing Panjab's water in order to turn Panjab in to a desert

Panjab's new CM Capt Amarinder chosen by Hindutva Indian Intelligence will now appoint a new DGP for Panjab Police another butcher and genocidal war criminal from the years of the Sikh Genocide -Mohammed Mustafa like he's fellow dogs of the Hindutva State such as Sumedh Saini Suresh Aurora and the evil KP Gill he has been given a position by the new CM. This is to crack down on Sikh activism as these evil men have a proven record of mass killings and false encounters - wake up !

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