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Friday, 25 December 2015

Head to Head- Is Modi's India flirting with fascism?

Sikh Paramjit Singh Arrested By Interpol On Behalf Of Hindutva India

Propaganda Against Jathedar Rajoana & Sikhs By Kanwar Sandhu & Pinky Cat

The Sahibzaadeh & Christmas

We wish you all a Happy Chirstmas ...as we know these were the days
of the Glourious Shaheedian of Guru Sahib's Sahibzaadeh..a humble
request from Dal Khalsa UK give presents/toys to kids remind them of the
SUPREME SACRIFRICE OF THE SAHIBZADE..who at an age where kids play with
toys & have fun gave their lives for future generations,it's only
beacuse of them that we are here today...because of them today's young
Sikh kids have presents to open ..so dedicate this day to our brothers

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