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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Keith Vaz Caught With Male Escorts & Cocaine RESIGN NOW !

We call on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party to de-select the now disgraced MP Keith Vaz who has temporarily stood aside as Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee following the expose of him with male escorts in a Sunday newspaper.Vaz the married father also asked the male escorts to bring ‘poppers’ and cocaine to him saying his name was Jim and that he sold washing machines.Mr Vaz has been the Blairite Labour MP for Leicester since 1987 and chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee for 10 years.Vaz was involved in the Hinduja brothers passport scandal during the time of Tony Blair’s Labour Government MP’s scandal and a whole host of the scandals which put in to question his honesty and integrity.A report into the Hinduja affair criticised Vaz for “deliberate collusion” with his wife in concealing facts about payments.Most recently Vaz is said to have pulled a few strings to fast track the visa for one Lalit Modi another Indian businessman.

Keith Vaz with the facist Indian PM Narendra Modi a member of the fanatical RSS Terror group

Most recently he publicly defended and helped to stop the trail of the vile paedophile now dead Lord Janner who was widely believed to be part of the Westminster paedophile ring who sexually abused young boys and children over many years.Many in the Asian community are now talking about an ‘Indian Paedophile Ring’ where rich businessmen,community leaders, and MP’s of Indian origin are involved with young boys,they allegedly include a veteran British Indian MP. When Hindutva fascist Indian PM Modi visited Britain Vaz called Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ‘unwise’ when it came to Corbyn calling for a ban on Modi.Not only this but according to news reports at that time Vaz and several other MP’s such as Virdendra Sharma,Steve Pound & Seema Malhotra donated their pay rises to the ‘Welcome Modi’ event held at Wembley Stadium."To choose Wembley Stadium, which is where the Champions League final takes place and where only rock stars perform, shows how special Narendra Modi is to all of us," Keith Vaz told a gathering of UK Welcomes Modi partners. "Thanks to all of you, MPs have just had a pay rise and because I am so excited about this event I will donate my pay rise for November for this great function."

This man had no shame in standing with and financially supporting the supporters of the RSS Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the HSS Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh the UK wing of the RSS who wanted to welcome the Hindutva poster boy genocidal Modi.His wage is paid for by UK Taxpayers but he had no shame in giving his pay rise to a facist.
Vaz for many years has been in bed with the Indian Establishment being their man on the ground in the UK be it hobnobbing with Bollywood stars,welcoming Hindutva leaders,arranging passports for those such as the Hinduja brothers etc.Vaz has always been critical of Sikh,Kashmiri,minority human rights issues when it comes to India. He has always stood against the Panth and has never openly condemned the Indian Hindutva State for their genocides or crimes against humanity,but what more could one expect when the UK wing of the RSS the HSS is based in his own constituency of Leicester for many years he has gone to HSS events fully well knowing their fascist views inspired by Nazi Germany.

Keith Vaz for many years has been involved in countless scandals so many that he is also known as Vaseline Vaz for the way he slips past scandals and allegations.Anyone else who held public office would by now have resigned or been deselected such is the long list of scandals Vaz has been involved in his Wikipedia page lists the most prominent ones.

We call on residents of Leicester to call for a de-selection of Vaz as well as the Labour leadership to do the right thing and throw him out of the Labour Party as the party has been disgraced and brought in to disrepute by his reckless actions many many times,seems as if the cat is now finally out of the bag and has used up all its lives.

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