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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Immortal Technique supporting Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa

Aam Aadmi Party attempt to hijack Bapu Surat Singh Ji's Panthic Movement

** DAL KHALSA UK ALERT **Aam Aadmi Bhaman Party are attempting to hijack a legitamate Panthic movement which has been started by Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa - by sending in their MP's & Chele such as Bhagwant Mann,Dharamivr Gandhi,Jarnail Patharkar etc for Political Mileage,they want to once again suck the Sikh Nation & Panjab in to another 60 years of Hindutva Indian Rule,where the Panth will be controlled in such a way that Sikhs will assume 'there is justice' the same false promises the Congress Hindutva movement made will be given a few prisoners will be released all to prove Sikhs cannot run their own affairs and that Hindutva India is their final destination..the fools in the Panth are already being duped by this,learn from history another Gandhi in the form of Delhi Da Kejriwal cannot give you justice as Jathedar Rajoana has warned you all about before ,another Hindutva Congress Party such as the Aam Aadmi Bhaman Party cannot give you the 'glow of freedom ' as a certain Pandit Nehru once promised,Nehru also took part in Gurdwara liberation movements in order to do the same to the Panth as Kejriwal & his cronies will do,to trick you all in to another 60 years of slavery under Hindutva India.

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