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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Indian Flag Unfurled At Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib Anandpur By Hindu Terrorists

**Hindu Fanatics Unfurled The Indian Flag At Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib,Anandpur Panjab - The Birth Place Of The Khalsa Panth.Once Inside The Main Gurdwara Then Outside Next To The Nishan Sahib.This Is Akin To A Nazi Flag In A Jewish Synagogue.This Is A Direct Attack On The Sikh Nation Which We Condemn Openly, THE SIKH NATION NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND THROW OUT THE TRAITORS WHO ALLOWED THE HINDU TERRORISTS TO DO THIS ,The Indian flag represents nothing to us Sikhs,and this is the ultimate insult.Under that flag our Sri Harmandar Sahib/Sri Akal Takht were destroyed,girls raped,Singhs shot dead,our leader Shaheed Sant Bhindranwale shot,full scale genocide,......Sikhs burned in Delhi along with Gurdwareh and Saroops of SGGS Ji Maharaj across India.We need to uproot those within us who let these acts be commited.The Muslims did not allow the Indian Flag to be unfurled in Kashmir and other places and our own so called leaders allowed this to happen.This is the flag of that very army which tried to destroy our nation ,every year Sikhs burn this flag of Tyranny ANY SIKH WHO FLIES THIS FLAG IS NOT A SIKH BUT A HINDUSTANI HINDU,For this flag represents all the terror that has been unleashed on us in the last 25+ yrs

Friday, 28 January 2011

Dal Khalsa UK Leads 26th Jan 2011 Protest In London

Kashmiris and Sikhs Call For Freedom

Media Summary

Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

in Politics, on the 26th of January 2011
By Peter Marshall

Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570065

Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570068

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570069

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570070

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570071

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570072

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570079

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570078

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570073

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570074

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Kashmiris and Sikhs protested together at the Indian High Commission on Republic Day, the 62nd anniversary of the Indian Constitution, calling for the freedom that their nations have been denied by Indian military repression. London, UK. 26/01/2011

ID: 570075

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Dal Khalsa slams the Indian state for being selfish, self-centered and hypocritical

Amritsar- Jan 28- Dal Khalsa has sought honouring of all commitments

–oral and written by the Indian leadership to Sikh Nation before and

on the eve of India’s independence in 1947.

The Dal Khalsa stated this in a letter written to Prime Minister Dr

Manmohan Singh on the occasion of India’s republic day. A 10 member

delegation led by Party president H S Dhami today met Deputy

Commissioner Mr Kahan Singh Pannu and handed over a copy of the letter

for forwarding the same to the Prime Minister.

Accompanied by Kanwar Pal Singh, Dr Manjinder Singh and other

executive committee members, Mr Dhami demonstrated his group’s resolve

to address Sikh issues through dialogue.

Expressing their opinion diametrically opposite to what is considered

country’s mainstream, they said those who are not wedded to the

concept of Indian-hood, the Republic Day celebrations are like someone

stabbing in the back – they come as a reminder that the Indian state

was still very selfish, self-centered and hypocritical unwilling to

peacefully resolve their genuine problems.

We write to reiterate that “we are not part of (Indian) mainstream”:

historically, religiously and politically Sikhs are a sui generis

(sovereign) people. Notwithstanding the present status of the Sikhs

in India today, the very fact that India is unwilling to talk to look

at the ‘Sikh question’ as a ‘Nationality question’ enforces our belief

and commitment to the right for self-determination of Sikhs, reads the


Going further, it says “peaceful India” talks only to those who use

violence as means to achieve their objectives. Representatives of

organizations or regional groups who want India to engage in talks to

evolve a wholesome and pluralistic resolution of the discord between

India and other nationalities including Kashmir’s, Sikhs have always

faced a negative response.

Urging the Prime Minister to show political will, the communiqué of

the radical Sikh group stated, “it’s time for you and the government

to invite various ethnic nations and religious minorities within the

sub-continent to talks to undo the injustice done through the

Constitution, various laws and regulations and the use of police,

paramilitary and army”.

Taking a jibe at the government’s lip service to engage groups seeking

right to self determination, the memo reads: India fears, but doesn’t

bother for international refrain. Almost always, India speaks a

'politically correct' language. It invites insurgents to eschew

violence; however, those sections and parties that do so always get a

deaf ear.

Reasserting that the Sikhs are a separate Nation, they demanded a

separate civil code for the Sikh community. The party leadership urged

the Sikh Personal Law should be made on the pattern of the Muslim

Personal Law.

They reiterated their commitment to fulfilling the rightful and

legitimate aspirations of the Sikh people in a peaceful and democratic


BSSF,Dal Khalsa UK Hold Lobby In UK Parliament

On the 27th of January 2011 The British Sikh Student Federation alongside Dal Khalsa UK and sangat held a Human Rights lobby in the UK Parliament.

The lobbys aims were as follows:

*Create awareness about Hindutva State sponsored terrorism on Sikhs & other minorities within India

*Expose the Physical as well as religious and socil genocide against the Sikh Nation

*The detention of Sikh Political leaders for no reason under tyrannical anti terror laws targeted at minorities.

*The blatant support of Hindu terrorists even though evidence has emerged of them carrying out bomb attacks to defame Sikhs,Muslims and others.

*The lack of response from the UK govt and other Western Nation to the plight of the Sikh Nation and their homeland Panjab Khalistan.

*Strengthen links with MP's and leaders to create a system through which our grievances can be aired to the UK govt as well as the International community.

*To send a message to India that the Sikhs will continue their fight for human rights,expose the Sikh Genocide and will continue to fight for self determination in the form of a free Panjab - KHALISTAN.

British Sikh Student Federation Official Paper on Genocide and Human Rights Lobby at British Houses of Parliament

Thursday 27th January 2011.

This Lobby has been supported by a number of different communities and displays a truly Secular outlook. The aim of this lobby is not just to highlight the range of Human Rights violations but to also offer a chance by allowing different communities to share their common grievances and attempt to work together to achieve their common goals. Furthermore, this is for the first time that such a programme has been declared and organised by a Student/Youth Organisation especially within the Sikh community!

The communities participating in this Lobby are Sikhs, Kashmiri’s, Nepalese, Tamil’s and Naga’s (Christians). Attendees are requested to digest an overview of this article before they meet their respective Member of Parliament so that they can best explain the issues that they wish to discuss and raise at the Lobby. Please hand a copy of this document to your MP.

Introduction -

Since 1947, when India was divided and gained Independence the entire region has been in strife following dissatisfied minorities whose voice has been suppressed for decades leading to bloodshed, mass killings and Civil war like situations being created throughout the region. A number of British nationals have been arrested and harassed in South Asia for supporting minority rights campaigns abroad as well as having their family members tortured and in many instances, killed! Furthermore, when seeking to peacefully demonstration their support for a cause, most Organisations and Institutions have been falsely defamed under the pretext of being extremist or militant, allegations which are based upon false evidence, confessional statements under blackmail or torture and Smear Campaigns though State directed Media directly leading to the voices of the minorities by drained and suppressed!

The issues that are covered in this Lobby article are as follows -

  • Demand a more stringent Deportation policy towards South Asia.

  • Highlight violent oppression against Minorities by the Indian Establishment.

  • Highlight the abuse of Draconian Laws to suppress the Peaceful Voice of Minorities.

  • Expose means used to Defame and discredit Genuine Autonomous and Freedom movements.

  • Highlight the allegations and evidence against Politicians who are accused of have the blood of Innocent people “on their hands” and seek for a ban on such people from visiting or landing in the UK.

A number of cases studies have also been included for Members of Parliament to read over to understand the issues we have come to raise in greater detail.

1996 –

Daljit Singh Bittu

Letter to Amnesty International by Dal Khalsa

On 04 January, 2011 Dal Khalsa’s Secretary, Kanwarpal Singh Bittu, wrote a letter to Amnesty International. In a 5 page letter addressed to the international watchdog’s Head Office in London, the Sikh group has asked to raise its concern about the human rights situation in Punjab “as we continue to live in dangerous times”.

Here is the full text of Letter:

We write with hope that Amnesty International would recognize the violation of rights of prisoners and political dissenters, taking place with impunity in Punjab in the recent times.

As we still live in the shadows of a past under the brutal jackboots of the entire Indian state machinery –politicians, police, paramilitary, bureaucrats and more, about which there has been absolutely no accountability and the issues that led to what came to be known as the Punjab problem still persist, the state of Punjab continues to reel under custodial torture, illegal detention, harassment and long confinement in jails under archaic laws.

Today it sounds clichéd to talk of respect for human rights in Punjab. It is distressing that since the last many years and decades, no international report of any human rights body has made any dent in the willfully negligent and pro-actively tortuous ways of the Punjab police.

In the year 2010, many illegal arrests have been made, many people have been tortured in the police custody and many a family has been subjected to harassment and humiliation. We provide a sample catalogue for your review and study:

Declare S. Daljit Singh Bittu as Prisoner of Conscience:

Bhai Daljeet Singh Bittu

Sardar Daljit Singh Bittu –a leader of the political party –Shiromani Akali Dal (Panch Pardhani) was arrested on 27 August 2009, along with party colleague and press secretary Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur, without any specific charges, under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967. His plea for bail is pending in the Punjab and Haryana High Court since the last 6 months. Four months into the arrest, another case under the same Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967 registered at Ropar police station, in which Daljit Singh’s name did not figure even in the FIR was slammed against him.

Daljit Singh is a political dissenter and he is inconvenient to the present establishment of Punjab. It is in pursuance of this undemocratic mission that the government continues to gag him and prolong his detention. Pertinently, Daljit Singh has already served more than 10 years in detention prior to the present arrest.

As Amnesty International takes cases of people who are arrested for their beliefs as “prisoners of conscience”, the case of Daljit Singh, is a fit one. The Dal Khalsa, in cooperation with the family and party members of Daljit Singh would provide you all the details of the case so that Daljit Singh can be declared a “prisoner of conscience”. This alone may bring him and his lawyer colleague respite, for the present government seems determined to extend his incarceration in view of the impending SGPC elections and concocted threat perception theories.

Police Brutalities against cross section of society:

In recent times, the police of Punjab with full patronage of the political leadership have perfected the art of public torture in full public view by resorting to cane-charge in the name of restoring law and order. This has been going on in full media glare without any shame, remorse and with full impunity. Here is a sample:

On 25 July 2010, protesting pharmacists were beaten up at Amritsar. On 25 July, protesting Unemployed Bachelor of Education teachers were severely thrashed at Ludhiana in full media glare.

On 31 July, unemployed linemen of Electricity Board were beaten up at Sunam. On 14 August, protesting ETT teachers were brutally lathi-charged at Ferozepur Cantt.

On 29 August, female Multi-purpose health workers were beaten up at Jalandhar. On 2 September 2010, employees of a Sugar Mill, who were protesting non-payment of salaries for 28 months, during the reported trip of the Chief Minister there, were brutally beaten up at Zira.

On 5 September, on the occasion of Teacher’s day, unemployed teachers protesting for their demands were cane-charged at Amritsar.

On November 14, at Nawanshahr ETT teachers were caned.

On 24 November, veterinary doctors who were protesting for regularization of their jobs against the Minister incharge of Animal Husbandry were severely and mercilessly beaten up at Bathinda.

On 26 November 2010, unemployed electricity linemen were cane-charged in Patiala.

1992 –

Lal Singh

Detention beyond punishment:

We also have the following classic examples of two prisoners, who have completed their jail terms, but who are not being released from jail, under one pretext or another, namely

Bhai Lal Singh Akalgarh @ Manjeet Singh

Lal Singh @ Manjit Singh son of Bhag Singh resident of village Akalgarh, convicted for life imprisonment. From 5 Aug 1992 he has spent 18 years 4 months behind bars, even though the maximum imprisonment is 14 years. Presently, he is lodged in Nabha jail. Major Singh son of Gurmej Singh resident of Marauri, Bilsanda, Distt. Pilibhit U P. His present address is Village Kutiwal PS Lopoke, Amritsar. He is serving a life term in Nabha jail and since 14 May 1990 he had spent 20 years 7 months behind bars, even though, the maximum imprisonment is 14 years.

Unlawful Arrests and Detentions:

In the last one year, under one pretext or another, but ostensibly with the same-old reason of curbing militancy in Punjab, there have been a string of arrests. Here is a sample list:

Pal Singh son of Ranjit Singh of village Dhandowal near Shahkot Distt. Jaladhar arrested on 13 July 2010 from his village Dhandowal. He was released on 18 July and again arrested on 22 July 2010. But on 25 July, State Special Operation Cell stated that they have arrested Pal Singh. Pal Singh is a citizen of France. He is a member of socio-political organization named Shiromani Sikh Council. He raised the issue of ban on turban in France. He has been implicated in many cases and is presently in judicial custody at Amritsar prison.

Darshan Singh Dhadhi son of Teja Singh resident of Dhaliwal, district Jalandhar was detained on the morning of 24 July 2010 in the presence of elected village elders, but later on, shown as arrested with Pal Singh and Jagtar Singh s/o Gurdeep Singh village Thoba PS Ramdas district Amritsar.

Gurjant Singh son of Sewak Singh residence of village Jangpura, Mohali, arrested on 16 July 2010 from his village Jangpura.

Jaswinder Singh son of Baldev Singh of Rajpura, a computer café owner was also arrested on 16 July 2010 from Rajpura.

Manjinder Singh son of Manjit Singh of village Husainpura was arrested on 16 July 2010 from his home.

Significantly, on 18 July 2010, the police told the media that Gurjant Singh, Jaswinder Singh and Manjinder Singh were arrested from Ludhiana with arms. They are presently lodged at Nabha jail.

Gurmail Singh son of Arjan Singh village Buta Singh wala, PS Banur, Mohali was arrested at night between 16-17 July 2010 from his home and on 24th July police stated that he was arrested from village Dupana, PS Machhiwara and recovered arms.

Sher Singh son of Gurbakhsh Singh resident of village Bhutal Kalan near Lehragagha, Sangrur called by police to Lehragagha police on 28 June 2010. On 30th June police stated that they have arrested Sher Singh from Amritsar with arms.

Brutal Torture Documented by Doctors:

Kulwant Singh son of Sadha Singh resident of Varpal district Tarn Taran was arrested from Gurdwara Bhai Manjh on 21 July 2010, but he too was shown as arrested with Gurmukh Singh village Pandori Mehma District Tarn Taran on 25 July 2010 with a cache of arms in Balero jeep near Jalandhar city. On 30 July, 2010, Kulwant Singh was sent to Amritsar interrogation centre. He had severe torture marks on his body; he was suffering from breathlessness and had problems of urination too. He was sent to Guru Nanak Hospital, Amritsar, where the doctors confirmed that his kidneys have almost failed due to electricity shocks that he was administered while in police interrogation.

More impunity mooted by Punjab government:

As if the impunity enjoyed by the police in Punjab under various laws was not enough, in the year 2010, two new laws were passed by the Punjab legislature giving sweeping powers to the police.

Section 14 of the Punjab Special Security Group Bill says, “No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings, shall lie against any member of the police force, on whom powers have been conferred or duties have been imposed under this Act.”

This clearly reminds of the provisions of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, to be applied for the police in Punjab. In the bill, framed with the avowed purpose of fighting terrorism, what constitutes, “anti-national force or unlawful activity” has not been explained, which is a clear indication that it will be used against ordinary citizens and particularly against political dissenters.

Similarly the Punjab Prevention of damage to Public and Private Property bill effectively kills the right of the people to peacefully protest against the government of Punjab on any issue. Section 3 of the said Act says, “Whosoever wants to organize a peaceful demonstration shall make an application to the District Magistrate (DM) for taking permission. The DM may allow or refuse the permission.”

When will Amnesty visit Punjab?

We are also concerned that Amnesty International Indian Section was closed down some months back due to the uncooperative attitude of the Indian establishment. We would also like Amnesty International to clear the air and inform us whether it is officially allowed to visit Punjab? If not, what steps are being taken and what steps can the people of Punjab take to force the government into positive action?

There is no doubt that over the years, Amnesty International has raised concern about the human rights situation in Punjab. It is our view that Amnesty International and other organizations need to do more as we continue to live in dangerous times. We look forward to the above cases finding a place in the annual report of Amnesty International and immediate Prisoner alerts in other cases. We also request Amnesty to write to the Governor of Punjab regarding the draconian provisions of the two new bills mentioned above.

Dal Khalsa is a political body of the Sikhs, seeking the right to self-determination of the Sikh people. Our being political does not in any way detract from the authenticity of the information mentioned above. We will be happy to maintain liaison with Amnesty International to pursue these cases.

Thank you and wish you and the entire Amnesty family a very happy New Year. May the New Year bring forth more respect for human rights world-wide and may many countries abolish death penalty as a result of your sustained campaign.


Kanwarpal Singh Secretary, Political Affairs Dal Khalsa.


Balwant Singh Rajoana

India Calls Him Murderer, He Gives Life Balwant Singh Rajoana shames death sentence

BURAIL (CHANDIGARH): Every time, Kamaldeep Kaur looks into her brother’s eyes, she knows such occasions will be few and far between. Balwant Singh Rajoana is on the death row, convicted in Beant Singh murder case. But such is his worldview that perhaps Kamaldeep may long have to live with those eyes. Long after Balwant Singh hangs to the utter shame of Indian justice system.

Rajoana’s Eyes. Eyes that have seen untold atrocities against the Sikhs, eyes that have seen the machinations of hegemonic brahaminical forces trying to annihilate as well as assimilate the Sikhs, eyes that have rarely dropped a tear, eyes that have always gleamed with pride in the service of the Guru.

Rajoana’s eyes. Eyes that will now shame even death. In the presence of his sister, brother-in-law, nephew and the Deputy Superintendent of Model Jail, Chandigarh, (where he is lodged), Balwant Singh Rajoana has signed his Will, donating his eyes to the blind Hazuri Ragi Singh of Darbar Sahib Harmandar Sahib, Bhai Lakhwinder Singh, on 17 June 2008.The original Will

It was not a spur of the moment decision. Rajoana, in fact, first wrote to the Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib on June 5, explaining his wish. This was followed by calls from personal attendant of the Jathedar to the Deputy Superintendent of Jail, and thus he was granted permission by the jail authorities.

The Will of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana

Ik Onkar

Oh Kabir, there is nothing of mine in this life[Soft Break]Whatever is there, is yours[Soft Break]If I surrender what is yours, unto Thee,What do I lose or pay?

Bhagat Kabir, Guru Granth Sahib

Accepting the Omnipresence of Akal Purakh (God Almighty), I hereby swear on oath that after my death, all the parts of my body, which can benefit any person, are pledged to the highest temporal authority of the Sikhs, Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

It is my earnest wish that after my death, my eyes may kindly be given to Hazuri Ragi of Sri Darbar Sahib Harmandar Sahib, Bhai Lakhwinder Singh, who is blind, so that through him, my eyes continue to revere holy Darbar Sahib. For medical or other reasons, in case this is not possile, then my eyes may be given to any other needy person.

In addition to this any other part of my body (heart, kidney or any other) which can be beneficial to any other person, may be given to that person.

I am writing this Will without any coercion or compulsion and out of my own convictions and commitment and with the approval of the members of my family.

I am happily making this Will in the presence of my sister Kamaldeep Kaur, my brother in law Baljit Singh, my nephew Ajaydeep Singh, my neice Harnoor Kaur, Superintendent of the Model Jail Chandigarh, Navjot Pal Singh Randhawa ji, Medical office, B. K. Salwan and other jail authorities.

Signed[Soft Break]Balwant Singh Rajoana

Countersigned by

Kamaldeep Kaur Baljit Singh Ajaydeep Singh Navjot Pal Singh Randhawa Deputy Superintendent of Jails

17 June 2008

In his hand-written letter, sent to the Sikh Head Priest through the prison authorities, Balwant Singh Rajoana said: “As you are aware, I have been sentenced to death by an Indian court in the Beant Singh assassination case. I have decided not to appeal against this order and not to submit before this system.”

http://worldsikhnews.com/2%20July%202008/Image/WSN-01.pdfHe said while he was waiting for his final call from the government of India, he desired that “after my death, the vital organs of my body (eyes, kidneys, heart and any other part that may be useful to any other person) may be offered at Sri Akal Takht Sahib to be given to those who may need them.” The idea was that the organs could be donated to anyone as per the wishes of the Sikh community. Rajoana had in fact made it clear right at the time of his conviction that his body shall be donated.

Explaining himself, he said that while watching the Kirtan programme on television, the sight of a blind Hazuri Ragi inspired him to offer his eyes, so that, “even after my death, (through the Ragi Singh) my eyes continue to worship at holy Darbar Sahib.”

Speaking to the World Sikh News, Kamaldeep Kaur, the sister of Balwant Singh, informed that the will was signed in her presence. Her husband Baljit Singh, her son Ajaideep Singh and Mr. Randhawa, the jail deputy superintendent were also witness to the document.

In his communiqué to the Head Priest of Akal Takht, Giani Joginder Singh, he has said that “every single part of my body” that could be of any use to anyone in the service of the Sikh Nation and humanity could be used accordingly.

Dying is no act of bravado, to be prepared to die for one’s convictions is bravado par excellence. No university could have educated Kamaldeep Kaur about this great truth, but Rajoana’s life has.

“Many people think that my brother wants to die. No. Like all living things he also wants to live, but he does not want to cringe, he does not want to dither from his Prayers, he does not want to love life at the cost of his courage and the cause of the Khalsa Panth.”

One only wonders how many sisters who tie rakhi around their brother’s wrist across India can actually understand what Kamaldeep must be passing through. Or perhaps every single one of them will understand, if only the Sikh community ensures that the story of Rajoana’s Eyes be spread and propagated all across the globe.

Harpinder Singh Goldy

Rajoana’s sister about his decision

“Having lost my brother Harpinder Singh Goldy to the Sikh struggle, I do not want to lose another one, but at the same time I bow before his decision not to appeal his sentence and not to submit to the Indian system, which violates human rights of Sikhs. What he is saying and doing is in the true traditions of the Sikhs...My aged parents wanted a support system for themselves but they are not selfish. They are proud of their son and his commitment.”

“By this act, I think my brother will bring more respect to the Sikh community.” There is no end to beautiful, heart-wrenching poetry about eyes, the beauty of eyes, the power of eyes, eyes full of tears, eyes that laugh, eyes that move hearts. But the saga of Rajoana’s Eyes will remain perhaps unmatched, for which poet has ever written about the power of eyes of a man condemned to death? Rajoana does not want to shut his eyes to his Guru, to his brave Sikh nation, to the machinations of its enemies, to the great ideal of Sarbat Da Bhala.

Beant Singh’s eyes were always covered with trademark black-tinted glasses, even during broad daylight. Those were eyes that could not handle shame, for more were dying under Beant Singh’s jackboots than a human heart could bear to see. Now, Rajoana’s Eyes will ensure that the line between a life spent in Guru’s service and a death courted for one’s principles shall stand merged.

Even the most ungrateful would hold him in awe and respect.

Rajoana’s seven-year-old nephew, Ajaydeep Singh, was told about the reasons for which Rajoana was in prison, the contents of his will of June 17 and the possibility of him climbing the scaffolding ladder with a noose around his neck. “Tell Mamaji, I will never forget him. I will remember him for all my life.” Little kid of the Sikh Nation, you will not be alone. Rajoana’s Eyes will see that the Sikh Nation will never forget him. And the story of Rajoana’s Eyes will live on long after those eyes stop shining.

2010 -

Khushpreet’s Parents Relent – Post Mortem Conducted Now they won't even spare our kids!

The aggrieved parents of 5 year old child Khushpreet Singh alias Khushi, who was killed by his kidnappers, have relented and agreed to cremate the child.Khushi is likely to be creamated today at Burail. His post post-mortem has been conducted at Sector 16 Government Hospital and the body is about to arrive at his house in Burail. This is the place where his body had been lying, since it was found on Wednesday. Seeing the anger of the relatives and sympathizers the Police had imposed section 144 within a radius of 100 meters of the Hospital.The family has been assured of justice by the Inspector General of Police, who talked to the parents in his Office for about an hour.The Inspector General is understood to have assured the family that the department will pay the amount of Rs. 4 lacs, which the family had paid to the kidnappers to get the child free.Lakhbir Singh and Kulwinder Kaur, the unfortunate parents of the child had been demanding action against cops for their negligence and insensitivity in handling this very important and sensitive case of kidnapping. They were seeking registration of a case of murder against the officials.The family gave-in because besides police, it has been advised even by near and dear ones that cremation of the child should not be delayed any further.The residents of Burail, where the family lives, are in a state of utter shock and the markets in Burail remained closed even today.Police, meanwhile remained on a strict vigil, because of the anger that prevailed against it, in the local masses.It may be recalled that body of Khushi, who was kidnapped on 21st of December, was found at Mohali Border near a garbage heap. The news of child having been killed had sent shock waves and people had come out in streets to protest against the police.It’s however, still a question why the Senior Police officials are hesitant to take action against the police officers who didn’t come up to the situation and have been proved negligent in handling such a case.The point, that disturbs one in this case is, that the kidnappers came and collected Rs. 4 lacs as ransom in presence of almost 20 police personnel but the police were unable to apprehend the culprits and remained clueless till the body was found on Wednesday.The killing of Khushi, even after taking ransom, is an indication that the child might have known the kidnappers well and subsequently had to pay the price of this, with his life.

Conclusion and Thanks to Members of Parliament -

Thank you very much for attending to our call in supporting this Lobby on Genocide and Human Rights in South Asia with your participation. This programme was not organised to defame or abuse any individual or country but to speak out for those that have had their voices trapped under draconian laws that were designed simply to crush the voices of Political dissenters and those that could no longer stand to wait for the world to break its silence by taking the “law” into their own hands by “punishing” those they felt now had permanently adopted the path of lawlessness and saw no chance of the guilty being brought to justice.

It is only once a year that such a programme will be organised therefore this was the only opportunity to show to your constituents that you also care about and share a passion regarding the issues that concern them the most!

We thank all the attendees for showing massive support to this lobby which will open the way for future lobbies and in turn lead to mass political action by the Sikhs.

Issued by The British Sikh Student Federation & Dal Khalsa UK

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


**Today Marks 25 Years Since The Declaration Of Independence Of KHALISTAN!Watch The Video,Pass It On - KEEP UP THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!**

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sikh Journey Up Until 1984 - Now

**The Journey Of The Sikh Nation From The Times Of British India Up Until Now,Learn YOUR HISTORY**

We bow our head in pure homage to the BABBAR AKALIS AND GADHAR MOVEMENT OF PANJAB, to free British India.Hindustan today overlooks their Shaheedian to free South Asia,including Pakistan and Bangladesh.We also salute the Sikh Soldiers who fo...ught in World War 1 & 2 - we had to fronts to fight on.The 1st to free British India - the 2nd to fight the tyrannt of Nazi-ism and World Wars on the side of the British and Allies - We are proud of both warfronts and the Shaheedian - for it is due to those Sikhs who sacrificed themselves we can hold our head up high today and say WE ARE THE SIKH NATION! WE WILL NOT BE CRUSHED ,WE CANNOT BE DEFEATED ,WE WILL RISE OUT OF THE ASHES OF THE AKAL TAKHT IN 1984 AND THE ASHES OF OUR FELLOW BROTHERS TO STRIKE BACK LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS IN - WE WILL BE BROTHERS IN ARMS - THROUGH DIFFERENT ERAS AND TIMEZONES - AND WE WILL CARRY THE STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM ON .......

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