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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sikhs Do Not Celebrate Indian Independence Day

** Keep Your Conscience Alive,don't be a slave DON'T Celebrate Indian Independence Day,if you consider yourself a Sikh or even a Panjabi** On this day in 1947 the Colony of British India was divided between two proxy states known as India & Pakistan.The Panjab suffered the most violence with pre planned massacres organised by the elite for their vested interests as well as Hindutva outfits such as the RSS.Our homeland THE PANJAB was split in to two between the newly formed states which were carved out of British India.Sri Nankana Sahib the birth place of our first Guru fell on the other side of the so called Radcliffe line the Indo/Pak border this was an attempt to cut the Panth from its very roots in order to weaken it after the initial violence which would ensue.The mighty PANJAB was then divided again by Hindutva India this time in the form of Panjab,Haryana & Himachal,not only this the project to destroy the Sikh Panth & Panjab in all spheres of life was well underway be it environmental destruction in the form of diversion of river waters,the so called green revolution,ban on the Panjabi language,abuse of Sikh civil rights,creation of cults to undermine the Khalsa Panth as well as the overall rights of Panjab as a state continued.This went on until a full fledged GENOCIDE in 1984 where hundreds of thousands were killed & Sri Akal Takht Sahib our supreme authority blown was to bits by tanks of the Hindutva Indian State.Many Sikh Generals and Iconic leaders such as Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale fought till their very end to defend the Panth & it's ideology at the time and four years ago ,one of these legends Jathedar Rajoana once again showed the Hindutva State that the Khalsa is still here & demonstrated his determination for FREEDOM,while rejecting the Hindutva Indian System.What we are witnessing TODAY are what Hindutva India has in store for the final stages of their project to destroy the Panth & Panjab,our homeland is on the edge of total destruction with urainium poisoning,drugs,cults,pollution,cancer a dying land which is now due to become a dry desert once they finish diverting all the water we have left to the so called 'SARASWATI' river which the Hindutva State are now making ....The question you have to ask yourselves is can you really be an Indian after knowing all this??Your Kaum,Your PANTH,Your People,Your PANJAB is being destroyed in front of your very eyes but only if you would actually use your eyes you would realise that no we are not Indian but are Sikhs and will stand by the Panth & Panjab forever .... This was the day slavery for the Sikh Nation started under Hindutva India 1947 - Now

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