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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Hinduization of Sikh Faith

RSS is a Hindu terrorist group. Its believes that humanity has only one faith and one culture that is Hinduism. It has a very simple slogan Hindi, Hindu Hindustan.




The RSS was founded in 1925 by Dr.K.B. Hedgewar. The RSS is active throughout India and as well as abroad.It became a mass organisation under the leadership of M.S Golwalker m.s Golwalker is seen as the spiritual master of this organisation and is refered to as Guru ,he is worshipperd and seen as a demi god.Golwalker was a sympathiser of Hitler and said that Hindus can learn a lesson from Hitller and his pure race ideology.In support of this golwalker said violence should be used a a surgeons knife to kill society,he goes on to say that the ones who do not accepet Hindutva as the main religion and culture of India,are merely a disease which need treatment.To kill them is merely like using medicinde to cure a disease.Now we are talking about a person,who thinks that humans with different beliefs should be wiped out,he takes this directly from Hitler.He goes on to state the main idea of the RSS,that only hindus ashould reside within India.When scholors have gon eon to research golwalkers work ,they have said he is not preaching Hinduism,but it is Hindutva.this campain is not about attacking the Hindu community,its aim is to cerate awareness and to stop the RSS .

The RSS has many wings,the 1st is Vidya bharti,the main military wings are shiv sena,bajrang dal,and other splinter groups.They also have links within the political parties of India of all sorts ,the main being the BJP,the BJP is so heavily influenced by the RSS that it is refered to as the political wing of the RSS.

The RSS also influences policies of every single political party in India,may it be congress,bjp and so on.The main preaching point which the RSS have put through that there is only one true ideology in this world,and that is Hindutva and that humanity only has one religion and one culture and that is Hinduism.To forward and to achieve this aim,we must assimilate the society in to Hindutva .

It sees Christianity as merely a branch of Hinduism,it refers to Christians as a part of the Hindu faith, through the alteration of historical books,which are taught in state schools across India as a compulsory curriculum ,its says that jesus was an incarnation of Hindu gods.He was merely there to give direction to society and the west and their anti Hindu elements have taken over jesus and have used him to propagate against Hinduism and that 90% of so called Christianity all over the world is merely a manipulation to be a Christian in India is to be a Hindu.

They further go on to say similar things about Islam,that all Muslims are Hindus which believe in prophet mohammed.It describes Muslims as mohammediya hindus.It is preached in the state schools of India, through the divya bharti on a compulsive basis.

Buddhism is also opposed in a similar manner, as Buddhists see themselves as a separate religion, the rss and its sister groups claim that real Buddhism is Hinduism.

The RSS sees Sikhism as the biggest threat to its ideology and hindutva . Guru Nanak condemned the caste system and the unfair treatment of lower castes, and discrimination to women,he was born into a family which is regarded as a slave caste, within the RSS ideology. It is like a revolution from within to them and they have tried their utmost to destroy and to finish Sikhism off by all means necessary socially ,politically and economically .They claim all Sikh Gurus were Hindus,they have tried to alter all Sikh scriptures to match their views of Hindutva.The British Govt recognises the Sikh faith as a distinct religion ad a separate race,in opposition to this the RSS continue to maintain Sikhs are Hindus. The human rights abuses it has committed in the last 60 years are nothing short of a holocaust within India, and the world has just overlooked it. The main reason for this is because of the sheer amount of propaganda the rss has put through, when it comes to propaganda this group is probably the well most linked group in India, and indeed the world.

I will now describe to you how they have carried out riots in the last 60 years in so called Independent India. The events of every single massacre have formed a very similar pattern. From Sikhs in Delhi 1984 to Muslims in Gujarat 2002 massacre. This is how it takes place.

· Events are created or used to carry out the ethnic cleaning of minorities.

· Media black-out was setup all around India

· Mobs was organised and arms and weapons were issue to them. Including small fire arms, hand guns and small machine guns, swords, metal rods, petrol etc.

· Transport was arranged for the mobs and they were driven to their destinations.

· Sikh Shops were attacked, looted and burnt.

· Men were killed

· Women were gang raped and some died as result of the shock.

· Some were shot dead

· Others were stabbed with knife and swords to death

· Others were beaten to death

· As the mobs found Sikhs they beat them into submission, tyres were put around the necks of Sikhs (Muslims In Gujarat )and then they were set alight.

· Attack were also organised at hospitals to kill all the new born Sikh infants. They hacked into peaces or drown to death.

· Others were hacked to death

.Then bodies are gathered in governmental vehicles and are cremated together to get red of any traces or evidence of ethnic cleaning.

.Then media was let back in and it is described to media as riots between Sikhs and Hindus.

All this is overlooked by politicians which have been bought by the RSS,as well as local law enforcement agencies. The RSS through propaganda and spreading of rumours likes to create communal tensions between different communities, Once the tensions rises they use this to forward their own agenda. The RSS should not be funded from the UK,it is gathering funds from all areas of the UK,through its sister groups, and others, which all go in to the forwarding of the Pure race ideology within India, and across the world.

The RSS has recently increased its activities within the UK against Sikhs and other groups, such as Muslims. By creating tension between Sikhs and Muslims for no apparent reason. They have also tried to divide these two communities from within by causing internal conflict within theses two communities. As citizens of the UK. We all have the right to live peacefully and worship in whatever way we choose fit. We cannot have a group like the RSS which takes its direct inspiration from Nazi Germany and Hitler being funded from the UK,which opposed Hitler along with the Allies in WorldWar2.The UK prides itself on Human rights and equality it’s the responsibility of us all here today to make sure we try our best to get this group banned as a proscribed group under the Home office, and to get its funding stopped.

Reasons for Banning The RSS

(Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), In The UK.

In light of the increased activities of the RSS in the United Kingdom in gathering funds, Political backing and spreading of their hate ideology. The World Muslim Sikh Federation have created a Petition to urge Prime Minister Gordon Brown to ban the group, freeze it assets and its funding.

What Is The RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)

*The RSS is an Extremist Hindu Organisation, which believes that only Hindus should reside within India.

*They wish to create a Hindu Super State of Hinduvta Hindu.Hindi,Hindustan,there is no place for minorities.

*The RSS had a major hand in the Muslim Genocide in Gujarat,one of the main RSS leaders Narendra Modi was banned from entering the USA.

*The RSS have actively been trying to distort Sikh History, through modifying Sikh History and Books, they claim all who reside in India are part of the Hindu ‘Family’.

*The RSS take their inspiration from Hitler and his Nazi Pure Race Ideology.

*The RSS also had a hand in the Sikh Genocide of 1984,and actively supported the killing,rape,looting,and attacking of Sikhs within India.

*In order to tackle the RSS from one of its roots, their funding has to be banned, and assets frozen within the United Kingdom.

Hinduization of Sikh Faith

Brahminism has always feared the Sikh faith. The Sikh Gurus proclaimed the equality of all humanity and rejected practices like caste, holy threads and worship of the cow. The exploitation of simple people by the Brahmin was eliminated. Although Hindu fundamentalists have taken a keen interest in destroying Sikhism for centuries, this latest cycle of Hindu attacks on Sikhism can be traced to 1993. The Sikh Liberation Movement had been brutally crushed in Punjab and was on its final breaths. Sikh villagers were afraid of being identified as being practicing Sikhs and roves of young Sikh men were cutting their hair so that they would not be harassed or killed by the police.

It was at this point that a new “Sikh” organization, the Rashtri Sikh Sangat (RSS) began to enter Sikh villages. This organization began to distribute literature about the Sikh faith and hold meetings. Many villagers thought that it was an attempt to revive Sikh pride, but in fact, the literature was written to show Sikhs to be a part of Hinduism.

The Rashtriya Sikh Sangat group, which is a branch of the main Rashrtiya Swayamsevak Sangh and also known as RSS was formed in Punjab in 1986 claiming to promote Sikh-Hindu relations. It’s main aim however is to attack and swallow the Sikh religion, and how is it trying to do this ? Over the last two years, the RSS has intensified its attention on Sikh affairs in Punjab. At every given opportunity, it has tried to build inroads into Sikh institutions and attacked the basic Sikh philosophy and way of life. By any means possible it is trying to undermine the history, the beliefs and institutions of the faith.

The attempt to subjugate the Sikh identity by the dominant and elite Hindu stream is nothing new. In the earlier part of the nineteenth century, Swami Dayanand Saraswati of Arya Samaj came down heavily against Sikh Gurus, Sikh scriptures and the Punjabi language, in response to which Bhai Kahan Singh wrote the famous book, 'Hum Hindu Nahin' – We are not Hindus. The current threat to the Sikh identity assumed serious proportions when the RSS chief, K. Sudarshan, while participating in the Rashtriya Sikh Sangat Convention in Amritsar (April 2000) said that Sikhism is a sect of Hinduism while the Khalsa is a part of mainstream Hinduism which was created to protect Hinduism from Mughal tyranny. From that time on, many Sikh organizations undertook protest marches against Sudarshan and pointed out that Sikhism is a religion in its own right and that they will not tolerate the RSS efforts to undermine their separate Sikh identity.

The express goals of the RSS are

1) To strengthen the bonds between Sikhs and Hindus to promote National unity, awareness and patriotism.
2) To make Guru Nanak’s “Hindustan Smaalsee Bola” a reality and maintain national patriotism and unity.
3) To promote Sri Guru Bani fro Sri Guru Granth Sahib
4) To perform seva with “Sarbat Da Bhala” in mind.

The Rashtriya Sikh Sangat has 500 branches across India and publishes the magazine “Sangat Sandesh”.

Other goals of this organization are the creation of a Mandar at Ayodhya’s “Ram Janam Bhoomi” and also a Gurdwara to commemorate visits by Guru Nanak, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh.

Every month, the Rashtriya Sikh Sangat has a function in which occasionally Sri Guru Granth Sahib is parkash and sometimes not. Usually the function takes place with paintings of Guru Nanak, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh at the front. These paintings are accompanied by paintings of Ram and Krishna. The paintings are garlanded with flowers.

The meeting begins with 5 readings of the Mool Mantar and then 20 minutes of keertan. After this, Sukhmani Sahib or Ram Avtar or Krishan Avtar are read. This is followed by a singing of “Vanday Matram”.

The meeting concludes with a 20 minute lecture on the history the original RSS founder Golvarkar and discussion of the role of Sanskrit in Sri Guru Granth Sahib or some other similar topic.
Some Quotes…

* “Instead of sacrificing humans, Guru ji sacrificed goats and started the tradition of Punj Pyaaray. All five Pyaaras were followers of the Hindu faith” {Dr. Himmat Sinh in Rashtra Dharam)

* “The Sikh Gurus showed faith in the Hindu faith and visited Hindu pilgrimage sites to show this” (Rashtra Dharam, p. 31)

* “When Guru Arjan was doing the Kar Seva of Harimandeir, Vishnu reflected and said, “Lakshmi, the Guru is my own form. There is no difference between us. He is making my temple. Let us go and see the building of our new temple…” (Rashtra Dharam, 90)

* “The difference between Hindus and Sikhs was the creation of the English mind.” (Rashtra Dharam, 98)

* “If today someone were to make a portrait of Guru Nanak without a beard and turban, his life would be in danger but in fact, the practice of keeping long hair and beards began only in the 20th Century. (Madhu Kishvara, Hindustan Times Aug 21, 1999)

* “Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Tegh Bahadur used to pay obeisance to the feet of the Devi” (Surindar Kumar, Jag Bani)

* “Guru Gobind Singh with the blessings of the Avtars (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) created the Khalsa Panth.” (Sangat Sandesh, Sept 1998)

* “Maharana Partap, the Rani of Jhansi and Guru Gobind Singh were all great patriots” (Rashtra Dharam)

* “The Sangh [RSS] is the Khalsa” (Ravani, Dec 1997)

Guru Mati Das Sharma”???

Bhai Mati Das jee is a famous Shahid of the Sikhs who happily faced death by being sawn alive but did not forsake his faith. Bhatt Vehis record the history of this Shahid and it is known that Bhai Mati Das’s grandfather, Bhai Paraga jee was a Sikh of Guru Hargobind and also became a Shaheed in the battle of Ruhila.

Bhai Mati Das jee was of course then born into a Sikh family. The family had been Sikh since the time of Guru Ram Das. Bhai Sati Das was Bhai Sahib’s brother. Bhai Mati Das accompanied Guru Tegh Bahadur in his travels to Assam, Bengal and Bihar. When Guru Sahib was arrested and brought to Delhi, Bhai Mati Das was also brought with him. When offered the choice to forsake the Sikh faith and become a Muslim or to face death, Bhai Mati Das happily accepted the latter and only asked that he die while facing the Guru. Even when Bhai Sahib’s body had been cut in two, Japji Sahib could be heard from both halves.

Bhai Sati Das was also offered the choice to forsake Sikhi or death, and accepted death. He was wrapped in cotton and burnt alive.Hindu fundamentalist organizations, in an effort to demean Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Shaheedee, have appropriated Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Sati Das as Hindu heros. Yearly events are held to commemorate their martyrdoms but they are presented as Hindus who died for their faith.

Bhai Hakeekat Singh jee was a young Sikh who is recorded in Bhatt Vehis as “Hakeekat Singh” but later was appropriated by Hindus as their own. Just like Bhai Hakeekat Singh is now referred to as Hakeekat Rai even by Sikhs, these groups hope Sikhs will also give up these two Sikh Shaheeds.

Sikhs and Raam

Another fallacy being promoted by the RSS is that the Sikh Gurus were from the family of Raam. That throughout history, Vishnu has supported the Sikhs. No Hindu text gives the family tree of Raam, and so there is no foundation for this claim. Giani Puran Singh gave this lie credence by repeating it publicly when he was Jathedar of the Akal Takhat. The only support this lie has is in a work by Kesar Singh Chhiber that has been corrupted. It claims the link between Raam and the Gurus but it also claims that Guru Gobind Singh worshipped Durga and took permission to keep his kesh from her. It also claims that the Sikh Gurus accepted Sanatan Hindu rites.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur or Veer Banda Bairagi?

One of the RSS’s early targets has been Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. Baba Banda Singh is a Sikh hero who first created a Sikh Rule in Punjab and struck a Sikh coin. Baba Banda Singh is also a great Sikh martyr who sacrificed his life but did not compromise his faith.

The RSS has attempted to turn this great Sikh hero, into a Hindu Patriot. In the book “Veer Banda Bairagi” by Bhai Parmanand, Guru Gobind Singh was a defeated man who went to Nander in sadness. There he met the Hindu, Banda Bairagi who agreed to help Guru Sahib take revenge for the death of his sons. Banda Baigragi had with him Rajput warriors and a he gathered a Hindu army to punish the evil Wazir Khan.

The new Hindu history claims that Banda Bairagi never became a Sikh and was an example of a pious Hindu helping his Sikh friend.
This story is of course utterly false. There was never any character named “Banda Bairagi”. Baba Banda Singh was known as Madho Das. He became a Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh by receiving Khanday Kee Pahul. This fact is confirmed by the oldest sources including Tavarikh-Iradat Khan (1714) and Panj Sau Sakhi (1734). The Bhatt Vehis mention how Guru Gobind Singh himself gave Baba Banda Singh the five kakaars and tied a keski on his head.

Baba Banda Singh’s own hukumnamas all make clear that he was a Sikh of the Guru and call upon “The Almighty for assistance."

The question arises, if “Banda Bairagi” had an army of Hindu warriors, why wouldn’t he have taken revenge for the Mughal excesses at Kanshi and Mathura? Why are none of the famous Hindus in his army recorded in history? Why were the Faujdars of conquered areas always Sikhs? Why do even his own family accounts (Bansavalinama) refer to him and his sons with the name “Singh”?

It is a blatant lie by the RSS to appropriate a Sikh hero and make him into a Hindu.

A 25-Point of Attack

The RSS has 25 points with which it hopes to attack the Sikh faith and lead to its eventual assimilation. All 25 points are very easily refuted but lack of education and knowledge coupled with the RSS’s organized attack make this a serious danger.

These points are already being incorporated into school text books and taught as real history. This skewed history is already taught in many areas.

1) Sikhs are an inseparable part of Hindu society.

2) If Hinduism is a tree, Sikhism is a fruit on that tree.

3) Gurbani is like the Ganga, it emerges from the Gangotri of the Vedas

4) The Khalsa was crated to protect Hinduism and Hindustan

5) Japji Sahib is a summary of the Gita

6) The Failure of the 1857 “War of Independence” [in reality an unorganized uprising by Poorbiya soldiers who 8 years earlier helped the British conquer Punjab] was defeated only by the Sikhs

7) Banda Singh Bahadur was really Veer Banda Bairagi

8) The Sikh Gurus worshipped the cow

9) Condemning Sikh scholars Bhai Kanh Singh Nabha and Bhai Veer Singh

10) Use examples from Trumpp and other anti-Sikh western scholars

11) The Sikh Gurus used Vedic ceremonies

12) Guru Gobind Singh worshipped the Goddess Durga

13) Guru Sahib was from the family or Ram and his devotee

14) Sikhs are from Lav-Kush

15) Baba Ram Singh was the legitimate Guru of the Sikhs

16) Create posters which challenge Sikh principles but appear to be pro-Sikh

17) Insist on using the Bikrami calendar and share Hindu festivals

18) Call Bhai Hakeekat Singh, Hakeekat Rai and illustrate him as a clean shaven Hindu

19) Claim [with no historical basis] that Guru Gobind Singh sent his army to liberate Ram Janam Bhumi in Ayodhya from the Mughals

20) To create the Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh seeked blessing from the gods and goddesses and used Hindu mantras. The Kakaars were also blessings from the gods.

21) Equate ek-oan-kaar with “OM”

22) Call Bhai Mati Das “Guru Mati Das Sharma”

23) To do parkash of Sree Guru Granth Sahib in Mandirs and put pictures of Hindu Gods in Sikh Gurdwaras

24) Project Guru Gobind Singh as having taken a different ideology from Guru Nanak and to make him into a Patriotic Hero of India.

25) Make all of Sikh history take a Hindu tint.

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