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Friday, 31 March 2017

Dal Khalsa UK Condemns Racist Attacks On African Students In India


Over the last few years there has been a marked increase in the attacks on African Students within India.Poor students who have saved up money for years in various poor countries in Africa head to India for higher education.The families of these students often sell up family land and possessions to fund their education in India.
As of the last few years these students who are only there to attain further education or move on to higher education face brutal attacks and discrimination.Most are treated as sub-humans within Indian society which is based in the Brahmin Hindu Caste system which divides humanity in sub sections,this coupled with prejudice in regards to dark skin colour make it even harder to the African Students to live & learn freely.
We have seen African Students beaten,robbed,tortured and even murdered by mobs in full view of the authorities.The public do not make any attempt to stop the brutal attacks and instead film them,accusing students of being drug dealers,when this is clearly not the truth.They turn a blind eye to the drug mafia politicians yet accuse poor African Students of being the 'drug mafia'.
We call on the Police authorities to crack down on attacks on the students but as we know with the rise of the Hindutva System this is unlikely to happen.We are likely to see more of the same attacks across India as the Hindutva system gets stronger.Therefore we call on the people of Panjab and the Sikh Nation in the spirit of Sarbat Da Bhalla to stand up for humanity and defend our African brothers and sisters against these attacks.We also call on countries in Africa to summon the Indian Ambassadors to their own respective foreign offices to ask them why this is happening and what they are doing to stop it.
Lastly we send our condolences and pray for the recovery of the victims of the most recent attacks in Noida - East Delhi

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