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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Dal Khalsa organizes Shabad-Guru Satkar March

Friday 24th of October 2008
Kanwarpal Singh, Dal Khalsa

Amritsar Sahib - Rededicating that none but the Granth is the perpetual Guru of the Sikh people, the Dal Khalsa on the occasion of tercentenary of coronation of Guru Granth Sahib made an earnest appeal to all sections of the Sikh society to sink their unwarranted differences, rise above partisan, shun egoism and be faithful to the concept of Sarbat da bhala (the welfare of all).

The organization undertook 'Shabad-Guru' satkar march commencing from historic gurdwara Guru Tag Bahadur, Baba Bakala to Damdama Sahib, Hargobindpur. In his address the party president Harchranjit Singh Dhami said this procession was being undertaken in honor of our eternal Guru to commemorate its 300th anniversary that falls tomorrow.

He said that Sikhs have been passing through a critical phase of history in the recent times. The challenges before the community are multi-dimensional and to face them the need of the hour was unity within the community. "To build a cordial environment for mutual understanding and trust the major role and responsibility rests on established parties and institutions be it political or religious". He made a proverbial call to empower (politically and socially) younger generation to save them from falling into the trap of social evils like apostasy and drug menace.

Addressing the spirited gathering, he said 300 years ago in 1708, before Guru Gobind Singh took for heavenly abode, he expounded a unique proposition, unparalleled in the spiritual history of world religions.

He said the Tenth Master proclaimed that henceforth, the Guru Granth Sahib, a compilation of the teachings of the Sikhs Gururs, will be the permanent guide and tutor for every seeker of truth. Every Sikh's life shall revolve around the basic postulates mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib, he said.

Former president Satnam Singh pointed out that since those times, the tug of war between followers of Shabad Guru and that pretending to be spiritual guides continues.

While the Sikhs are presently engaged in a bitter struggle against the blasphemous acts of the Sauda dera and DJJS, they are emphatically opposed to all schismatic activities, said party general secretary Dr Manjinder Singh.

To ensure unflinching respect for Guru Granth Sahib, the party secretary Kanwarpal Singh reiterated that it was a religious and pious duty of every Sikh to defeat the designs of all such sects and cults, which were propagating the concept of "living gurus" contrary to the fundamentals of the Sikh faith.

The organization, in a form of resolution made an appeal to the (Sikh) followers of Namdhari and Radhaswami sects to discard the practice of worshiping a living "Guru" and rejoin the Sikh fold.

The resolution reads that the tercentenary celebrations was a fit occasion for reiterating faith in Guru Granth Sahib, as the practice of believing in living gurus ended with the Tenth Guru, who bestowed the guruship to Guru Granth Sahib.

To drive their point home, the speakers after speaker quoted hymns from Ardas (Daily prayer) " Agya Payi Akal Ki, Tabe Chalayo Panth, Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai, Guru Manyo Granth. (By order of the God Almighty, the Khalsa Panth was formed. It is a diktat to all Sikhs that henceforth the Guru is only the Granth Sahib.)

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