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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall Membership 2014 Elections

Bhai Navtej Singh Ji Guggu Don

Dal Khalsa to SGPC executive members: Either stop loot of Guru's golak, if helpless then quit

Jalandhar- Dal Khalsa has asked the SGPC president and other executive members to explain to Sikh Panth, why and under whose instruction S S Kohli an employee getting huge salary (around one crore per year) was given free hand and unbridled powers to run the affairs of the premier institution and why they (executive) were tolerating the loot and misuse of golak by him. 

Party head H S Dhami has asked Jathedar Avtar Singh and his executive colleagues either to show the doors to Kohli and if they were helpless then they all should resign. He asked the executive to spell out single contribution of Kohli that led to the working and functioning of the institution transparent, better, effective and corruption-free.  

He said as per their information, Kohli is Chartered Accountant and closely associated with Sukhbir Singh Badal and Raghujeet Singh Virk, a vice-president of the SGPC. He claimed that Sukhbir through proxy (Virk) was running the SGPC affairs. He said there were open talks in the corridors of the SGPC that during his monthly visit to Darbar Sahib, Sukhbir instructs the SGPC officials what to do and what not to do. He said on that day taking jibe on Sukhbir's orders employee’s term it "hukamnama of today".

He took a dig at Makkar, Sukhdev Singh Bhaur and others who have been reduced to rubber stamp in the SGPC. Dal Khalsa leader asked all except Virk, whose writ run in the SGPC to either quit or show that they were not toothless and spineless. He said if Makkar and his team keep their eyes and mouth shut even now, then it would be construed as "their hands too were not clean" and that they have no moral authority to challenge corrupt and malpractices within the institution. 

He said the present executive was responsible for the gross violation of Sikh traditions and maryada as buildings in Darbar Sahib complex have always been constructed through kar sewa and not by contractors. He said sangat and kar sewak’s contributes in the construction of gurdwaras and serias (Inn) and no person has ever thought about earning profits from these constructions. 

He said for the first time that even Darbar Sahib complex has not been spared by the degenerated, greedy, lusty and corrupt politicians. 

Referring to the on-going struggle for the formation of separate SGPC for gurdwaras in Haryana, he said mismanagement, corruption, misappropriation of funds and misuse of power were some of the reasons why Sikhs outside Punjab have got alienated from the SGPC and wants to run their religious institutions free from the stranglehold of Badals so as to put an end to the loot of Guru's golak.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Diljit Singh Dosanjh's Punjab 1984 Makes History

#Punjab1984 The Biggest Opening For A Panjabi Movie..#SikhGenocide84 #iPledgeKhalistan

Monday, 7 July 2014

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Punjab 1984 Powerful Scene

The final few scenes of Punjab 1984 where Diljit Singh Dosanjh is doing Jakareh of Bole So Nihaal Sat Sri Akaal walking free in his village is probably the most powerful scene in the film,showing a Sovereign Sikh in his own homeland walking like a Proud Lion in the face of danger and death like our forefathers did in Panjab over the years of Genocide since the birth of the Sikh Nation - That scene alone captures the spirit of a Sikh a Lion #Epic #Emotion #SikhGenocide84 #Punjab1984#iPledgeKhalistan

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