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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Statement On Sikh Manifesto 2015

Dal Khalsa UK Endorses The Sikh Manifesto for the 2015 elections,its about time the Sikh Vote meant something not just sheep voting for the Labour Party as has been the case for decades,this blind voting has held generations of Sikhs back and the Kaum as a whole hold to account each & every single party in every single area of the UK,vote for those who will work for the betterment of your community,the UK as a whole and most of all for the Sikh Kaum,defeat those candidates who never spoke up for Sikh Human Rights even after letters etc were written to them be it Labour,Conservative or LibDem etc...UK Sikhs have the power to swing seats in many areas and this time we appeal to all to do so,we can change the Politics of the UK only if we use our vote - our right! The economy, immigration, the NHS are huge issues and rightly so but for the UK Sikhs as a whole this is an additional manifesto to look at.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dal Khalsa Protests Across Panjab - Indian Republic Day 26th Jan 2015

Dal Khalsa alongside Sikh Youth of Panjab,SAD Panch Pardani & other Sikh Activists protested across Panjab in Amritsar,Ludhiana & Jalandhar,on 26th January 2015 against India's so called 'Repulic Day' the day the Indian Constitution was declared.Activists lined the steets with black flags - symbolising a black day for Sikhs as the constitution classes Sikhs as Hindus,meaning Sikhi or Sikhs as a separate people do not EXIST as per LAW in India!- therefore meaning Sikhi is not recognised as it is classed as Hinduism!! Placards were also held asking why the constitution has failed Sikhs when it comes to Sikh rights & the rights of Panjab as a state - why the double standards.Protesters also demanded President Obama take up the issue of Sikh Human Rights with the PM Modi on his visit.We reaffirm on this day SIKHS ARE NOT HINDUS,nor do we believe in this constitution which has been designed to destroy our free sovereign people,Panjab & other non Hindu minorities within the borders of Hindutva India,such as the Kashmiris,Nagas,Manipuris & countless other nations who became enslaved on this day.Only those who love to be slaves will celebrate this day


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