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Friday, 3 October 2014

Baaz l Official Trailer l Babbu Maan | Pooja Verma| Latest Punjabi Movie...

Babbu Maan's Baaz The Movie,It covers Mid day
meals and how they poison and kill kids in Panjab & in across
Hindutva India,funded by the rich elite these meals are made of GMO
crops which are then tested on kids and in most cases kill them and make
them sick,we've covered this issue many times on our blog and
youtube..About time Panjabi Cinema covered this issue ...always support
good Panjabi Movies - Boycott Bollywood...

Hindutva Mob Attacks African Students In Delhi

SYP to address the issues of drug menace, disrespect to women and yellow literature with persuasion‏

Amritsar, September 30- Realizing that excellence and activism is need of the hour, the young activist’s boys and girls gathered at a call of Sikh Youth of Punjab (SYP) today resolved that they would address the issues of drug menace, disrespect to women and yellow literature with persuasion, education and arming residents of Punjab with the knowledge.

They declared not to allow Punjab to be consumed by drugs and asserted that personal responsibility was a pre-requisite to tackle this bull by the horn. 

As a united voice with actionable agenda we, the tomorrow of Punjab, will bring change in the little world we live in, reads the resolution adopted during the youth conference organized by SYP on the outskirts of Guru Nanak Dev University.

The speakers mainly SGPC members Bibi Kiranjot Kaur, Prof Jagmohan Singh and Prof Inderjit Singh Gogoani felt that the society was facing attack from the dirty nexus of politicians-police-smugglers who work under cloak of various socio-cultural fronts. They pointed out that Punjab was under attack from these drug lords who are being facilitated by political leaders across the spectrum. 

The speakers urged the youth to do activism by declaring and proclaiming that they would not tolerate degradation of women and that they would bail Punjab out of sinking hole.

Banners were displayed prompting the youth to work for a New Punjab, a drug free state and make the next generation proud of Punjab.

SYP head Nobeljit Singh from Hoshiarpur said we have no doubt that the strong value system of Punjab, respect for women, standing up for the underdog (oppressed) and refraining from intoxicants will withstand the test of our time.

Delivering the key note, party's vice head Paramjit Singh Tanda observed that confronting any socio-political issue that was being patronized by the established conservative class was never an easy task. What we need today is not standing observation or nodding of heads to address the issue but a commitment with ourselves that yes we can and will change the current system that is flawed.

Organization's secretary Sukhvider Singh from Anandpur Sahib said drugs do not discriminate among Punjabi’s. The cancerous epidemic affects all alike, he said and added that modernity at the expense of vulgarity, diluting our values is never welcome and will be rejected by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Punjab. 

Kiranjot Kaur said women consist almost half the human population and have to be included  in leadership positions for promoting better understanding in the society. She further said a woman was the core of a family which is smallest unit of society, therefore her contribution was immense in inculcating moral values and spirit in the young. 

Well known human rights activist Prof Jagmohan Singh in his address said Punjab today was going through difficult times.  Drug abuse was a serious concern. Lack of interest in education has taken gigantic proportions. A neo-sub-culture a la Bollywood is being foisted on us through the mega-rich Pollywood producers who are not Punjabi, the degrading treatment to women in all walks of life puts a question mark on Punjabi character, the lethargy and lack of foresight of the governmental authorities was leading us nowhere. 

He said from streets to the corridors of power, from canteens to the drawing rooms, this country runs on two hypothes –“chalta hai “ and “mainu ki  There is filth on the streets –chalta hai, there is goondaism in the colony –mainu ki, the government is not fulfilling its promises –so what can I do, girl students are being teased outside colleges and universities –it is their problem, not mine, the neighbour’s son has become a drug addict –too bad but that family is responsible. These are our standard responses. Everyone’s problems are nobody’s problems.

Dal Khalsa to hold Rights and Justice March from Akal Takht to UN Embassy (Delhi)‏

Hoshiarpur- Renewing its faith and commitment towards the cause of justice and freedom, the Dal Khalsa has resolved to organize a  rights and justice march from Akal Takht Sahib to Delhi based Embassy of the United Nations to seek world body intervention for political resolution to Punjab Problem. 

This year is commemoration of 30 years of Nov 1984 pogrom. This year sees the rule of a party who is wedded to Hindutva and whose leadership wrongly thinks that they were not party to the crime against the Sikhs during this difficult times, said H S Dhami head of the Sikh hardliner group while addressing the press conference here today. 

Sikhs were hounded and killed in Delhi. So, we propose to go to Delhi. We plan to march to Delhi. Not just for calls of justice but more. Not just for remembrance but more. Not just for speeches of allegations but more, said Dhami. 

During these agonizing years, the actual victims, their relatives and friends, the community and its concerned leadership has done whatever has been possible to get justice but to no avail.

Flanked with party spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh Dr Manjinder Singh, Dhami said Sikhs have lost all hopes in getting justice from Indian system. He said the Nov genocide was sponsored and patronized by political establishment of those times, hence the state would never punish the perpetrators. Seeking UN intervention for a political solution of the crisis in Punjab he said no doubt that punishing the perpetrators of Nov 84 was required, but mere punishment without recourse to seeking a political resolution of the Punjab problem is like losing Crimea to Russia and then imposing sanctions".

Pointing out that today is Dusshera , he said this march would remind the Indian state that just as this country continues to remember the mythical Ravana by burning his effigy on Dusshera every year, we the Sikhs will continue to remember the modern day Ravanas of the Sikhs who played the death Tandav against innocent Sikhs.

Reaching out to other ethnic minorities, Dhami told media that they have invited the Kashmiris, the Nagas and other ethnic minorities including Christians to participate in the march as “we all have suffered oppression from same oppressor”.  Our pain and agony is same so we will share the Dias in Delhi, said he. And added they would seek cooperation from all like-minded Sikh organizations mainly SAD (Panch Pardani), Damdami Taksal, Khalsa Panchayat, United Sikh Movement, Akand Kirtani Jatha. 

While interacting with the media, he said the March would start from Akal Takht on Nov 2 and passing through Ludhiana and Fatehgarh Sahib it would reach at Delhi on 3rd morning. He further said the march would proceed from Bangla Sahib Gurdwara to Jantar Mantar, where rally would be held. He said a select number of representatives within the community and other minorities would go to UN office to submit the memorandum to its officials. 

Giving the call to the people of Punjab to proceed to Delhi, he said 30 years ago India –the so-called largest democracy in the world showed its brute, shameless and satanic face when it master-minded the killing and mayhem against absolutely innocent Sikhs –men, women and children on the streets of its capital city Delhi, Kanpur and other cities across the country.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Reality of Gurmail Malhi compared to S.Himmat Singh Ji Sohi

What we had & what we have now...Facts - Not Fiction...

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Singh Sabha Southall- The Truth (Sher Party)

Singh Sabha Southall 2014 Sher Party - False Allegations About Baaj Part...

Singh Sabha Southall Sher Party 2014 - Sher groups fake Charity ?

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall Elections

Sher Group & it's supporters including thugs, illegal immigrants who were the just to make a show ,celebrate at the The Centre Banqueting suite in Southall HQ of Malhi/Sher Party,most are drunk on alcohol which they had been doing throughout the day at the Banqueting Suite & outside.Do these look like Panthic Sevadars/Shers or supporters of the Panth to you??

Predictions for Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall under the Sher Group

* New Carpet supplied by Malhis own company Apna Carpet paid for by the Sangat.
*New windows by one of Malhis companies or those of his friends paid for by the Sangat.
*Shoddy paint/building work by one of Malhis associates/companies paid for by the Sangat.
*Possible re-mortgaging of both Park Avenue,Havelock Road Gurdwaras as they did in the past.
*Promotion of Sant Samaji Cults & so called Sants who do nonsense parchaar and tell fairy tales,leading to reduction of Sangat like last time.
*Honouring Indian Govt Officials,Killers of Sikhs ie:Indian Police etc and chants of Jai Hind,Vande Matram as they did when Indian High Commisioner came and when RAW agent Sarbjit died.
*Deteriation of the structure/arcitecutal design of both Gurdwaras through bad maintenence.
*Infighting in the Party over who is leader leading to a breakdown.
*Different maryadas being practiced and Sri Akal Takhts maryada overshadowed.Deravaadh being promoted using so called Sampardas.
*All in all Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall will deteriate as an institution and as a Gurdwara...
*Undoing the Panthic work and seva of the BAAJ Group
*Donation set up to Sangat TV of £3000 like last time.
*Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall will fall in to total debt and all cleared debt will come back.
*Finally Harjit Sarpanch of Sikh Federation will get NEW TRAINERS! To match his two piece suit,and act like he's the next PM!
The future is not bright! The Sangat should wake up and put things right when they go wrong! The BAAJ will be BACK!

Baaj Group Thanks Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall Sangat For Support

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