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Monday, 29 March 2010

Gurminder Guri's New Song - Panjab Da Paani

Dal Khalsa Fully Endorses & Supports Gurminder Guri In His Efforts In Educating & Awakening The Masses Of The Nation

The Song Talks About How How India Is Stealing Panjab's River Water & Causing Destruction -
Panjab Will Be A Desert in By 2015 If India Continues To Divert River
Waters & Not Give Panjab Control Over It's Natural Resources - Dal
Khalsa Fully Supports This Song

Amarjit Chawala - Federation Metha - Taksal Affiliated Pakhandi

The real face of these Pakhandis who claim to be Panthic and Sikhs of the Guru ,hob nobbing with the VHP Hindu terror group while taking part in anti gurmat rituals

Amarjit Chawala who used to claim to be a hardcore Sant Bhindranwale supporter in the 80's while with Taksal and AISSF is now up to these pathetic acts that can only be done by a traitor of the Panth

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