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Monday, 1 December 2008

Hindutva Hand May Well Be Behind Mumbai Attacks

Dal Khalsa Press Early Release

'Don't Rule Out Hindutva Hand In Mumbai Terror'

While speculation mounts on the involvement of Islamist Jidhadist groups in Mumbai's carnage ,Dal Khalsa UK would like to point out that the Fanatical Hand of Hindutva could be behind the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and its Hotels.The hand of Hindutva groups and radical Hindu outfits like the Bajrang Dal,RSS, alongside ShivSena could well be behind the latest string of attacks,mostly aimed at the general public and tourists.
For the last 6 months the Indian Nation has been in World News Headlines regarding the on going genocide and ethnic cleansing of Christians in the North Eastern State of Orrisa,the Pope,EU and other World leaders have expressed their outrage to the Indian Govt about the brutal killings,rapes and destruction of Christian Chruches in Orissa by Fanatical Hindu Terror groups.

The word 'Hindu Terrorism' has also popped up in the Media in the last few weeks and leading newspapers like The Times UK and others are activley monitorinig Hindutva outfits like the RSS and Bajrang Dal and their activities in Orissa against Christians all this and pressure from activist groups in the UK have led to the RSS and Hindutva Terrorism in Orrisa to be discussed in the UK House Of Lords.Lord Patten(Conservative),with a whole host of Bishops have called on the UK Govt. to protest the killings and genocide and have also discussed a ban on these groups.

The Hindutva terrorism in Orrisa has given India a bad name in the international community,in order to take away the attention from Orissa Hindutva groups may well have engineered these attacks to take the attention away from 'Hindu Terrorism'which was reaching world headlines and back to Islamic Terrrorism.Its important to point out that in the last week at least 200 bodies have been recoverd dumped on a jungle in the state of Orrisa that just shows the magnitude of the killings in the North Eastern State.

Not only this the attacks could also have been carried out to have an influence on the outcome of India's next elections,as the Congress led Govt. is weak and is heavily opposed by most major Hindutva groups .In order to get into power once more through the BJP and to grab the votes of Hindu Nationalists these attacks may well have been enginered at just the right time.The reason for this is that 2 Leading officials who were leading the Investigation into 'Hindu Terror Cells' in Mumbai have been killed,it is improtant at this time to recall the arrest of the Hindu Sadhvi Pragya Thakur she was arrested for the Malegoan blasts and had alledged involvement in making bombs and bomb factories.The ATF Chief leading the investigation Hemant Karkare was killed a few days ago in the Mumbai Terror attacks along with another ATF senior member,Hindu radicals have celebrated his death as a blessing from God and have expressed their gratitude that he is now dead.This is evident from comments left on Indian News Blogs:

'Pragya’s heartfelt cry and prayer to Hindu Goddess Durga, that might have resulted in the killing of not only Hemant Karkare but also other members of ATS and the Marthi Police manoos.'

'Death of Hemant Karkare 1 ATS head Hemant Karkare’s demise was welcomed by Hindus as he was trying to create artificial Hindu terrorists'

' ATS head Hemant Karkare’s death is due to his illegal and immoral way of detaining a Hindu Sadhvi Pragya.'


This leads us to ask the question as to why the head of a Govt agency who deals not with criminals but with terrorists was killed?IWhere was his security?Body armour?ts easy to say he was shot dead and so on,but would we see Metropolitan Chief Sir Paul Stephenson, on the front line in an attack like this in the UK?

There is the possibility the head of the ATF was killed of due to his exposure of Hindu Terrorism and the arrest of the Sadhvi,Hindutva groups were growing very hostile towards the ATF and their uncovering and use of the word Hindu Terrorism.The BJP/RSS has and continue to activley support the Sadhvi and all the suspects arressted in the Malegaon Blast cases,and they are highly critical of the ATF and its management.

With the attacks being blamed on Islamic Jihadists and Pakistan this may well be used as a reason to crack down on Muslims living within India,and one cannot rule out the chance of another 'Gujarat 2002'(Genocide) through the Right Wing propaganda of the RSS Hindutva terrorists.In 2002 as well Islamic Fanatics were blamed for the train bombing of Hindus ,but earlier this year it came to light that these attacks were themselves enginered by the Bajrang Dal and RSS ,this attack was used as a reason to attack Muslims and cause communal tensions all this was exposed by the Tehelka Network in an undercover sting opertion using hidden cameras and interviews of Hindutva leaders.

The Chinese Official Daily also says that Hindutva may have a hand in this horrific incident


Dal Khalsa UK and the Sikh Community as a whole would like to at this time send its condolences to the families of the victims of this sickening attack on unarmed civilians and tourists who were going about their daily lives only for them to be tragicly ended by the terror of cowards and inhumane terrorists

We hope peace prevails and that the spirit of Humanity shines through these dark days.

Nanak Naam Chardi Kalla Tere Bhaneh Sarbat Da Bhalla

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