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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hindu Terrorist Modi Headed For the UK Dal Khalsa UK Press Release

Dal Khalsa UK Press Release Regarding the Proposed Visit Of Narindera Modi to the United Kingdom

It has come to light in the recent weeks that the mass murderer of Gujarat Narindera Modi is about to embark on a visit to the United Kingdom to attend the 'India Summit 2009',May 19th - 20th.


Previously Modi has been rejected a Visa the United States in 2005 for his actions and hand in the Muslim Genocide of 2002.

As we all know Narindera Modi and his fanatical BJP Hindutva party alongside the Sangh Parivars main groups RSS Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh & the Bajrang Dal,carried out a mass genocide of Muslims within the State of Gujarat.Muslims across the state were looted,raped and burned alive,while their places of worship were torn down and set alight.

The pretext to this ethnic cleansing was the burning of a train full of Hindus which was blamed on the Muslim minority,it has only now come to light that the train burning itself in Godhra was done by Hindu Fantaics themselves,Tehelka News group in their sting operation exposed the to the world the nexus between Government and the facsit Hindutva terrorists.The train burning was carried out to inflame the masses and justify what became a full genocide across Gujarat.

The link below exposes all aspects of the Genocide


People such as Babu Bajrangi brag on undercover footage about killing innocent Muslims and tearing the wombs of pregnant women to kill the baby inside.The genocide in Gujarat is another example of the growing dangers of Hindutva across India and the Hindutva ideology which has taken direct inspiration from Hitler and the Nazis.The aim of Hindutva is Hindi Hindu Hindustan all people should assimilate or be wiped out.

The Sikhs have experienced the threat of Hindutva and continue to do so as was seen in 1984 through the destruction of Sri Akal Thakt Sahib and the Harmandar Sahib Complex and the genocide which followed.Christians have also recently felt the grip of Hindutva ideology tighten as was seen in Orrisa from late 2007 till now when 1000 Churches were demolished or burned down, nuns were raped,men burned alive and others murdered and forcefully converted to Hinduism.The world was outraged at this act and the European Union alongside the French and the Pope openly expressed their opposition and disgust at what occured and what is occuring within India.

The danger now is of War between India and Pakistan,the Sikhs who are not a party to this are in severe danger of their homeland being destroyed by WMD.Hindutva facsits have openly taken the sand from the desert in which India conducted its 1st nuclear test and have taken it and sprinkled it across India while praying to it,seeing it as a source of power,they have even annoucned that a temple will be built at the nuclear test site.The worry for Sikhs is if WMD are launched at Pakistan by the Hindutva fanatics Pakistan may well reply but in both cases the loss and nuclear fall out will occur in Panjab - Pakistan - Lahore,and Indian Occupied Panjab - Amritsar,Sikh Homeland,Hindutva leaders including Modi are now openly calling for war between India and Pakistan.

If Modi does get a visa to enter the United Kingdom it will be a cause of great concern ,firstly for communal harmony in Britian between the South Asian Community,and secondly for Britians image in the international community.Britian prides itself on Human Rights and Equality for all and recently Gert Wilders was refused entry to the UK as his film Fitna was a threat to the communal harmony and peace between communities in the UK.The same applies to Modi if he is allowed in community relations between South Asians, Muslims,Sikhs,Christians who have all been victims of Hindutva will be under great pressure towards members of the Hindu community who would welcome and praise Modi as some already do in the UK and in India.

He is seen as a candidate for becoming the next Prime Minister of India,but this should not be taken as a reason to allow him entry into the UK,this evil snake has the blood of thousands and thousands of people on his hands and his ideologies of Hindutva Facism are a mirror and have taken direct inspiration from the Nazis.

He should not be allowed in to the United Kingdom for the sake of communal harmony and for the sake of Human Rights for all which the UK prides itself on.If by any chance he is allowed in it will give a great blow to the UK's image internationally and may well be a stepping stone to getting a visa to the United States,we cannot allow this man to spread his narrow minded Hindutva Nazi views in any territory of the UK.If anything Modi should be tried for Genocide in an international court and if he does attempt to enter the UK at any time he should be arressted on the spot and tried in an international court of law for his crimes against Humanity.

We appeal to all Sikhs and others who believe in equality and freedom for all to oppose the entry of Modi in to the UK,and we ask you to contact your respective MP's Lords and MEP's as well as the UK Foriegn Office to stop him in his tracks.It will be a great victory for rightousness if he is denied a visa and will be a victory against and evil ideology which has no respect for human life.

Dal Khalsa UK


Hindutva mascot Modi prepares for UK visit
But Human Rights lobby is set dead against it
WSN Network

LONDON/AHMEDABAD: Even as focussed and Supreme Court-supervised investigations into killings of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 are increasingly bringing out the role of the Narendra Modi administration, the Gujarat Chief Minister seems to be readying for a visit to Britain sometime in May, a move that is likely to shock human rights activists all over the world.

Modi, it is learnt, is planning to attend the 'India Summit 2009' scheduled for May 19-20, 2009, despite the fact that earlier, the United States had rejected his visa in 2005 due to his involvement in mass massacres of Muslims and has since not relented. Modi had been assiduously trying to cultivate western governments and industry tycoons to wash off the stigma but at the same time, he has also been keeping up his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The Gujarat genocide of Muslims was widely compared to the massacre of hundreds of Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere in 1984, and just as the RSS-BJP-VHP-Bajrang Dal leaders led the killer mobs in Gujarat, so had the Congress leaders done in Delhi. Indian courts, which are infamously slow and often apathetic, are still pursuing some of the cases, thanks to the doggedness of a few good men and women. The story in Gujarat is no different.

But a visa to Modi by the United Kingdom and a visit to London will harm the cause of the human rights everywhere, experts and activists now argue. They had hoped that London will refrain from sending such signals, particularly after the attacks on and killings of Christians in the BJP-ruled Orissa where some 1000 Churches were demolished or burned down, nuns were raped, men were burnt alive and others murdered or forcefully converted to Hinduism.

The world was outraged at this act and the European Union alongside the French and the Pope openly expressed their opposition and disgust at what occured and what is occuring within India.

Large sections of the South Asian community in Britain itself maintain that they can do better than see Modi on the British soil. They say community relations between South Asians, Muslims, Sikhs,Christians, who have all been victims of Hindutva, with the Hindus will come under strain as the shrill and noisy segment of the Hindutva forces appropriates to itself the sole right to speak on behalf of the Hindu community.

Britain based Dal Khalsa has already demanded that Modi be stopped from entering the country as it will give a blow to the UK's image internationally. "If he does attempt to enter the UK at any time, he should be arrested on the spot and tried in an international court of law for his crimes against humanity," the Dal Khalsa said in a statement.

25 February 2009

Gujrat's Mass Murderer Modi Plans to Visit UK
Friday 27th of February 2009
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

LONDON, UK—Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Aurangzeb, Indira Gandhi, and Narindera Modi all have one thing in common - the blood of countless innocent individuals on their hands. In addition, they will be remembered in history for their injustices and violations of human rights.
Names like Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, and Indira Gandhi are well known in the global community. But exactly who is Narindera Modi? Narindera a native of Gujarat is a high ranking member of the fanatical Hindutva group, the BJP party. The party’s political ideology preaches the message of “Hindi Hindu Hindustan.” Hindu Nationalists believe that the ethnically and religiously diverse India should be Hinduized. All should become Hindus and speak Hindi. Those who refuse to assimilate to Hindu ideals should be dealt with, degraded, tormented, and destroyed.

Through radical means, these fanatical groups try to reach their goals, which are similar to the historical Nazis of Germany or the Ku Klux Klan of America. There have been numerous projects in which the BJP party has collaborated with other Hindu terrorist groups to “ethnically cleanse” the country.

Recently it has been discovered that Modi is planning a visit to the United Kingdom to attend the 'India Summit 2009' which will occur on May 19th - 20th. Because of Modi's actions and associations with radical groups, Modi should be prevented from entering into a country which prides itself on Human Rights.

Narindera Modi and his radical BJP, along with its sister groups the RSS, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, and the Bajrang Dal are part of the Sangh Parivars—groups which have a record of violating human rights. In 2002, for example, they executed a mass genocide campaign to suppress the Muslim population of Gujarat. Modi was the main organizer of this Genocide.

"The Hindu terrorist Modi has already been rightfully banned by the U.S.A. for his involvement in the 2002 Gujarat genocide."

During this genocide, innocent Muslims were raped, burned alive, and looted. Their places of worship were not spared from the fanatics’ wrath. These places of solace were first packed with pigs and then burnt to ashes. It is a well known fact that Muslims consider pork to be forbidden. By putting pigs in their places of worship, they insulted and disrespected Islamic beliefs and practices. The BJP and its sister groups used similar psychological warfare tactics during the 1984 Sikh Genocide.

During 1984, Gurudwaras, or Sikh temples all around Punjab were attacked—including the revered Akal Takht and Darbar Sahib among many others. Sikh women were raped and humiliated in front of their own children. Sikhs who adorn their uncut hair as part of their religious rites were tied down while there hair was cut by Hindu militants and mobs. Shortly after cutting their hair the terrorists burned these innocent Sikhs alive.

The actions of these radical groups were orchestrated by their bloody-thirsty tyrannical leaders like Narindera Modi.
From the year 2007 to the present, Christians from Orissa have also felt the wrath of the brutal and oppressive Hindu nationalist groups. Over 1,000 Churches have been destroyed, nuns who base their religious discipline on chastity were raped by gangs in front of unarmed elderly clergy men. Christian converts were burned alive, murdered, raped and forced to convert back to Hinduism. The Christian world was outraged at this inhumane treatment. The European Union and the Pope strongly condemned these acts. Similar opposition should take place when Modi visits the UK.

Religious minorities should collectively unite and oppose Modi's visit. Religious minorities of India should no longer tolerate the systematic violence of these fanatical groups. We should unite together and demand the global community hold these fanatics responsible for their evil and inhumane actions.

Recently in the UK, thousands of Muslims protested against the anti-Islamic film producer Geert Wilders. Due to constant pressure from concerned Muslims, the UK banned Wilder from entering. Britain should deliberately discuss the option of allowing Modi to enter the culturally diverse kingdom. Does it make sense to ban a man from entering who made a film that criticizes Islam, but then allow a man who is responsible for the killing of thousands of Muslims to freely visit the country? Allowing Modi to enter the UK will destroy cooperative relations amongst the Christian, Sikh, and Islamic communities.

The Hindu terrorist Modi has already been rightfully banned by the U.S.A. for his involvement in the 2002 Gujarat genocide. The UK should follow the noble example of their American counterparts and ban this terrorist from entering a free country like the UK. Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, and all peoples of conscience should contact your respective MP's, Lords and MEP's as well as the UK Foreign Office to prevent India’s Hitler from coming to such a socially and racially diverse country. It has been confirmed that Modi plans to run for Prime Minister in the future. His politically planned visit to the UK is an attempt to earn support from the leaders of the free world. Thus our political leaders should be informed of this tyrant’s political ideology.

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