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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Breaking News Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Kidnapped Arrested By Hindutva Police VIDEO

***********URGENTBREAKING NEWS*****************.
- Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji kidnapped & arrested by plain clothes Hindutva Indian Police pretending to be Pro Sikh Khalistanis - Sikhs hurt in scuffle.LIKE we WARNED yesterday this is a set up do not trust any of these SO CALLED SANTS the Pakhandi sellout SANT SAMAJ,etc this march to Mohali was ALL A SET UP to play with the Sikhs emotions by the Badal/Indian Govt/Hindutva RSS/Sant Samaj so called Pakhandi Society of Saints the cancer in the Sikh Nation.1st the Jathedar Gurbachana gives the go ahead for a march he cannot give it without Badal/RSS go ahead,then Makkar/Sant Samaj etc get involved and divert the entire issue then Panj Pyareh's dastaar is removed so Sikhs react,now Bhai Gurbaksh Singh is forcefully kidnapped and arrested and maybe forcefully fed and tortured!! We are not saying the average Sangat or certain LEADERS are sell outs but for sure these puppets who were involved in the RAJOANA REVOLUTION last year are part of the plan.Jathedar Rajoana refused to see these massands who are part of the Govt conspiracy against the Sikh Kaum.WE APPEAL TO ALL TO REMAIN CALM DO NOT GIVE THE GOVT A CHANCE TO FIRE A BULLET AT ANY SIKH YOUTH!!This is also a move to coincide with the DELHI ELECTIONS.

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