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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Update on Kaum De Heere Film

**KAUM DE HEERE UPDATE PLS SHARE**Ravinder Ravi the director of the Film updated the Sangat on the issues surrounding the film in India.The Indian Film Censor Board has rejected the film on the basis that Shaheed Satwant Singh Ji,Shaheed Beant Singh Ji & Shaheed Kehar Singh Ji have been shown as 'Heroes' the board termed our glorious Shaheeds as 'Killers of Indira Gandhi'.They also said the film does not show why the Genocidal Operation Bluestar was carried out,the film Director then asked them to give the answer to this as the Censor board is an arm of the Govt,Ravinder Ravi asked why did the Hindutva Indian Govt attack on such a holy day & why all of a sudden,he reiterated that the Govt should answer this question not the makers of Kaum De Heere.He also pointed out that films have been made on the killers of MohandasKaramchand Gandhi etc but those films were not banned..Our view is that the only reason Kaum De Heere is facing problems is due to the fact that it is the FULL TRUTH & IT SHOWS THE REALITY of Sikh Heroes/Shaheeds,but if a film comes out depicting a Hindutva Leader they pass it,there is always this double standard when it comes to Sikhs.Just like when MK Gandhi was killed by Nathuram Godse a Hindutva leader no Hindus were massacred but when Sikhs eliminated Indira Gandhi for her Crimes a full scale Genocide was carried out......Thankfully the film will be out in the UK and across the World and WILL Not face these issues in Western Countries we ask all to continue to support the film KAUM DE HEERE! (We are still waiting for a written explanation from the Indian Film Censor Board). Will keep you updated.

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