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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Thank You David Cameron

Thank you to David Cameron who served our country as PM from 2010 till yesterday 13th July 2016.Inheriting a total mess from the Blairite years of Blair & Brown where the country & it's finances were in a state of peril,Cameron who had already modernised the Conservative Party and made it mainstream went on to form a Coalition Govt with the Lib Dems.Five years later taking us back from the brink of economic collapse,he shocked the polls and won a majority forming the first Conservative Majority Government in over 20 years.He will be remembered as a man of courage and integritiy who worked in the national interest and one who listened to the will of the people,even when it came to the EU vote ,the nation is sorry to see him go and history will look back on him as one our greatest PM's ever who reached out to all sections of the country including the Sikhs like no other PM has done before,a leader who had the skills,style & knowledge to lead the country for the last 6 years and indeed the Conservatives since he took leadership over a decade ago. Thank You Cameron..

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